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hey i said that you are godless

Well, today wound up pretty much not going at all according to plan, which is okay. I didn't get any writing done at all, or climbing--but I did have an impromptu dinner party with my mom, my roomie, and thecoughlin, which was maybe just what the doctor ordered.

And I got through four chapters of The Tempering of Men page proofs. And guys, this book has a beautiful interior design. I'm so geeked. (You get to see it in August.) I'm going to do some more work on it during downtime at my Pathfinder game tomorrow, and spend the car time thinking about May Mazer and also about An Apprentice to Elves.

The podcast got recorded (yes, eventually I will be able to tell you what all that is about) and stuff. And I did do math and practice guitar, though yoga was a fail.

Fear me: I am learning the finger picking pattern to "Coconut." I cannot claim to be learning the chords, because there is only one. I promise never to do this in public without provocation.

Right now I'm updating my webpage. I have no motivation, just an aimless restlessness I recognize very well. It's the first sign of creativity brewing, and at this point, a Very Good Thing. But hard to endure while it's happening.
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