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bear by san

March 2017



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and if i have a wreck he'll leave a scar

There are no new words today. However, I have made it through the page proofs for The Tempering of Men, and discovered many new ways to misspell Siglufjordhur.

Hard to believe that when next I see it, it will have pretty covers and new-book smell.

It held together pretty well, if I do say so myself. And at least it nicely establishes the primary conflict of An Apprentice to Elves. Conflicts. Rather. For there are a lot.

I really rather feel I should be able to claim this as a "book read." Because quite honestly, this is the first time I have sat down and actually read it from one end to the other. Previously, it's always been in the process of being written, rewritten, or edited when I did that.

Reading is different.

Perhaps I shall. I mean, nowhere does it say that reading your own books does not count as reading.

I was amused by the bit where I looked at a sentence, thought, "The grammar in that is wrong," fixed it, thought, "no, the grammar in that is wrong," and then went and got my copy of The Transitive Vampire to discover I had it right the first time.

Tomorrow, it's back to May Mazer and her ghost ship. I will have a proposal by month's end, or know the reason why. Possibly even by week's end. Since next week is all over with trips to Boston.


I <3 The Transitive Vampire.
Yes! The Transitive Vampire! Useful and fun!
Well, there are more ways to misspell Siglufjordhur than there are to spell it.
Reading one's own work is so strange. My mother's book club read Tam Lin>/i> a year or two ago and invited me to the discussion, so I thought I'd better reread the book, since it had been at least ten years. I had a lovely time, though the moment when I thought, "Well, I wouldn't have handled that bit in that way, but I think it works" was rather jolting. Even reading things I still have the power to fix, I cherish those elusive moments when I forget that I wrote it, or forget that I wrote this scene, this paragraph, this line of dialogue.
*g* I usually hate my own work. I'm getting better about that though, I think.
You're such a fast learner, it seems too far behind you, perhaps. My process is much less conscious and I am extremely slow to assimilate anything, so I don't have so many moments of realizing how much better it could be if I'd known then what I know now.

In ten more years you may like it better. Distance is useful.

I've also got a good solid foundation in despising myself before other people can, which is probably related...


Distance may indeed help.
Oh, well, yeah. As one formerly not unaccomplished in this skill, I reiterate that distance will definitely help.