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bear by san

March 2017



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writing literature vonnegut

she took me back to the hyatt house... i don't want to talk about it

I have a box of ARCs of The Tempering of Men. I think there needs to be a contest. Two contests: the person who comes up with the best contest idea wins one, too!



wouldn't that only work if the man was really irritable? (sorry, my snark is in full attack mode this morning....) :-)
I'd prefer it if you didn't make fun of my book titles to my face.

Contest idea: Best photograph of a Wolf submitted wins an ARC?
Cheesy, but... picture of a dog "reading" A Companion to Wolves.
Best playlist to accompany the book.

Edited at 2011-02-20 08:02 am (UTC)
Flash fiction / high concept: "How would [$different_eBear_book] be reviewed by the characters in this world?"

Thematic dog macros!

Contest idea: Most ridiculous Iskyrnian name.

My entry would be Treitliefjallen. (Tree leaf fallin')
Best norse name?
Videos of attempts to pronounce norse names?
Most amusing fake book cover?
Photograph of a group of miniature figures in combat, on a fridge shelf.

No particular reason.

Well, since (according to Scalzi) it's national Grover Appreciation Day, how about a contest around casting the Muppet adaptations of your various works? With rationales, of course.

Here, I'll start. I'm going to go with Miss Piggy as Perceval. Because the Captain has to have a commanding presence...
After due consideration, this is the winner. *g* Email me your shipping address, please?
Contest: best definition of the word "matociquala" and no googling for the answer!


Create a major arcana (tarot) with the characters from _Companion to Wolves_
How's about this:

1) Contestants can outfit their cars with whatever weapons they can load into them and then have a Race to the Death. The survivor gets an ARC!

2) Okay, how 'bout this. Two contestants enter a geodesic dome made of scrap metal and fight to the finish. Two enter, one leaves. The winner gets an ARC.

3) You pick a number between one and one hundred...
I don't have a good idea for the contest, sorry. What I do have, since I have been playing with chocolate recently, is a very odd mental image of a chocolate tempering machine filled with little figures of men in chocolate, slowly melting.

Best clerihew about one of your characters.
You know what kind of men get tempered? Gingerbread men! So I think there should be a competition for who designs the best gingerbread man interpretation of the title of the book.
Or, y'know, depicting characters from the previous book. XD
My first thoughts was best 'Complaint Department/Fearless Kjitten(VLO) dialogue' or best 'guest cat-and-monkey post', but then, I'm barely awake yet, and the brain is barely ticking over so far.

Some of the other ideas listed are much better than those, though.
LOL Cats with (your) books!