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lauren reynolds is dead.

Being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 06x15, "Today I Do," written by Alicia Kirk and directed by Ali Selim

This is the longest previously on criminal minds in the history of ever.

Aww. Reid trying to caretake Emily. And I miss redheaded Garcia. Although her blue eyeshadow is fabulous.

It's a very purple and black team today. I love the turnabout of Emily as teacher. Prentiss is apprentice no more.

"After you broke Molly's jaw, did she still want to date you?" Rossi, you are mine now, and I love you. Yay for character growth.

Oh hey, an old-school scene change. Nice.

Molly's dad is nice too. Oh, hey, we're personalizing the victims and the victims' families. And even the UNSUB. And the victim has grit and agency. This actually feels like an episode of Criminal Minds.

Reid and Prentiss crack the case!

Good golly, the UNSUB is Evil Garcia.

"She was overdosing on daily affirmations."

"She wanted--"
"She had depression."
Gail's family has a great pathological family dynamic.
Oh, show. I forget what you're like when you're good. It makes me forgive all the abuse.

"It's found in pretty much every self-help book. I read 22 today."

Evil Garcia.

Rossi needs an anger management class, drink!
Rossi cracks the case.

And Reid is really on the bad sweater highway this ep. Three! Two bad cardigans and a sweater-vest. And so on to Prentiss.

"God, you're stupid."

Garcia cracks the case!

You go, girl. Okay, Lyle's poetic justice I can live with.

Prentiss? This is when you tell your friends what's going on. Like Hotch. Hotch would be a good place to start.

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