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i know i don't want this. i swear i don't want this. there's a reason not to want this but i forgot.

A grand total of 2800 words on the May Mazer and the Ghost Ship proposal, which gets me to page 40, the end of Chapter 4, and a cliffhanger. I think that means it also completes the sample text for the book proposal. Now I just have to make it pretty and write a synopsis.

And since I figured out the climax of the book today while the Giant Ridiculous Dog and I were trying not to die taking our walk, I can pretty much write the synopsis tomorrow, I hope.

At that point, I think I get a couple of days off.

But right now, I have some page proofs for a short story to glance over, and then I mean to have a nap. If I can manage to get sleepy. Which has not happened so far.
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