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bear by san

March 2017



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wire in the blood, writing shadow unit todd remorseful

i know i don't want this. i swear i don't want this. there's a reason not to want this but i forgot.

A grand total of 2800 words on the May Mazer and the Ghost Ship proposal, which gets me to page 40, the end of Chapter 4, and a cliffhanger. I think that means it also completes the sample text for the book proposal. Now I just have to make it pretty and write a synopsis.

And since I figured out the climax of the book today while the Giant Ridiculous Dog and I were trying not to die taking our walk, I can pretty much write the synopsis tomorrow, I hope.

At that point, I think I get a couple of days off.

But right now, I have some page proofs for a short story to glance over, and then I mean to have a nap. If I can manage to get sleepy. Which has not happened so far.


Yay for plot progress.
Page proofs for a short story in an anthology or chapbook, for a short story in a magazine, or for Ideomancer? I've always been curious to know how it works when you sell a short story: is further revision at that point out of your hands, or is there still back and forth before they "accept" it? What if you decide after they buy it that some detail could be better? Tough noogies?

Hopefully I'll find out for myself sooner than later, but still I'm curious.
It depends.

These were anthology page proofs.

I've had a magazine print a story, heavily edited, without giving me a chance to see the edits. I never subbed to that 'zine again.
I can see where that would be aggravating. Especially if the editor either missed the point or removed all nuance.

Thanks for the insight. :)