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she stood just like bill wyman. now i am her biggest fan.

1) Bm, even the cheater version, is farther away than I think it is. Also, the non-cheater version of F (which I am finally attempting to learn for reals this time after many abortive efforts) is extra hard when you have crooked fingers.

Barre chords, still the devil.

2) There was just a thunderstorm. This really is Fimbulwinter.

3) I sucked roc eggs climbing today. No strength in my mantling muscles at all.

4) First Grails sighted in the wild! Free excerpt here!

5) And, alas, I figured out that the first two chapters of May Mazer and the Ghost Ship are totally wrong, and I have to take them apart completely and write something different. The good news is, it's also something better. So yay with that!
Tags: everybody talks about the weather, falling off perfectly good rocks, five things, free online fiction, guitar god in training, jacob's ladder, three chords and grimace musically

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