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"That's a dog."

Being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 06x16 "Coda," written by Rick Dunkle, directed by Rob Hardy

Well, that was quite the opening montage. Nicely done, and some lovely tension in the cold open.

Aww. Seaver does not appreciate the nerdy wonder that is Reid. But Reid would be a Whovian.

Flashbulb memories. Drink!

Daddy Hotch is brilliant. The bad accents are bad. But I'm in love with Prentiss's blazer and white tank top.

Seaver cracks the case!

"You sound like you talk from experience."

They're doing a nice job personalizing the victims/family this ep. Uh oh, Reid's socks. Drink.

Wow. Ouch. Nice. That was an actual Criminal Minds ending. Yikes.

"They're innocent. You're not." Huh. The big bad is actually a little bit scary. Emily In Peril is very Lecarrian.

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