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time makes you bolder. even children get older. and i'm getting older too.

Oh, bed. You are my only friend.

Climbed tonight. Seven routes, mostly easy. Still going light on a strained rotator cuff (it's a lot improved from four months ago) and a sore deltoid on the other side.

Turns out I can still do a headstand if I have a wall handy. I have every intention of working up to a handstand eventually. It's good to have goals. And you know, pushing forty and can still do a cartwheel, a headstand, and a somersault is not too shabby. (I can do a shoulderstand without a wall, even.)

This is all Rodney Yee's fault. I got his newish video. He's aging very well. (somebody alert stillsostrange) And I am increasingly aware that I am the same age as Shemar Moore, and not nearly so well-preserved. Ahem. ;-)

Also, I am learning to play "Landslide." I have the chords, and a start on the picking pattern. Not, admittedly, both at once.

It will be my first song on a capo. And it's still impossibly beautiful. I figure if I only learn impossibly beautiful songs, even I won't sound too bad singing them.

Fleetwood Mac was my favorite album in junior high school. (In high school, Operation: Mindcrime or possibly Ancient Heart. In grade school, it was Commoner's Crown. In college, Songs from the Wood. Immediately after, Fumbling Towards Ecstacy. Two years ago, The Mysterious Production of Eggs. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.)

A boy who was very bad for me once decided "Rhiannon" was my song.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, guitar god in training, three chords and grimace musically, yoga for fat girls
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