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bear by san

March 2017



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Criminal Waste

Yeah, so, I have watched the first two eps of the Criminal Minds spinoff. And I love Janeane Garofolo and Forest Whitaker and Kirsten Vangsness, and I desperately want to like Michael Kelly's character, because I loved LIFE.

Has anybody else noticed that Serious Show Is Serious?

Oh, for this mess we lose Chris Mundy?



I never saw LIFE. Which one is Michael Kelly again? ...oh, no, he's not the Reinstated Angry Guy, is he?
He was better in the back door pilot.

You need to watch LIFE. Like, a lot.
If only either one of them had decent lines.

To be overly patient and fair, I wasn't too enamored with the first few episodes of Criminal Minds or any of the other shows I've really come to love. Maybe it'll grow into itself?
I really liked the CM pilot, in terms of delineating characters. (Sometimes kinda clumsily, but it DID it.)

And then, yes, the next 2-3 eps were just sorta there. But they were still different /people/. (Which seems to be most of Bear's complaint, that they're not.)

The rest of the world seems to have started adoring CM w/LSDK; it took me to the end of The Fox. Which was visually arresting.
I keep waiting to care about this team and it hasn't happened. There's no hook, nowhere I feel like I have a stake.
Sadly useful information for me to have, but I'm truly sorry to hear it.
The writers seem to be concentrating all their energies on coming up with surprise plot twists, to the detriment of everything else. That part's sort of working--I was genuinely startled by the UnSub's unexpected motive for taking the little blonde girl in the first episode, and pretty effectively faked out by the first arrest attempt in the second one--but I don't really care about any of the characters on the team yet, either. At least with Prentiss not around Inexplicable British Guy (I can't even remember any of the characters' names, except for Prophet) seems to have stopped indulging in anvilicious Beatrice-and-Benedick-style attempts to flirt with female co-workers.
Oh god. We're supposed to think he's the hot one, aren't we?


If I need a hot sniper, give me Eddie from Flashpoint.
I'm going to try to give it a chance, but so far I'm not terribly impressed.
I was reserving judgment until it aired. Verdict? It's a hot mess.
I have not seen it yet (still in Season 2 of the original).

Is there a brilliant, hot kinky chick?

Loves me some Garcia!
An utter waste of good actors.
I'm prepared to grow into if it grows into itself. I've liked the plots so far -- well, I'm pondering the gender politics of ep2, but ep1's deconstruction of White Girl Syndrome was great and better than Criminal Minds itself has done recently.

The team interplay, otoh, is... off-balance. On the one hand with the doggypile they're trying to portray the team as really tight and intimate and informal (compared to the CM team who clearly love each other but express it with and even by a certain distance). On the other hand the show so far seems to be All About Cooper. Some early CM episodes had a bit of All About Gideon feel, but you could still tell the other characters apart. Part of the problem, I think, is that every time there's a task to do that could help to characterise one of these background people, they give it to Garcia.

Still, early days, and I've got time at the moment to watch mediocre stuff in the hopes that it'll get its feet under it.
I did cheer to see Toby (Richard Schiff) getting some work...