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days when the rain and the sun are gone

Squid mug February 2011 005

Tea today: Teavana's Yumberry woolong. Approved technique is to skim off the floating freeze-dried berries after steeping and dump them in the cup for consumption.
Teacup today: Squid mug, by SkyBirdArts (Elizabeth Paxson), to whom I was turned on by gregvaneekhout.

Notice the antiquated capo, uncleared cereal bowl, and Eye of Sauron keychain. Yup, my house, all right.
Garden February 2011 001
Today appears to be another Contemplation Day. Fallow time is vital, but it makes me restless. Grow faster, little story.

In other news of growth, my seed starts are, well, starting. Most of them, anyway. And outside, it's pouring down rain and 33 degrees. I think we'll be staying in the house today and watching through the windows as the world melts slowly away.

Cold: day five. Woke up particularly full of green concrete this morning, but now that I'm upright I feel pretty good. This may be the breaking of the ice dams in my sinuses.

Now back to trying to learn the timing on that picking pattern. La.
Tags: dreams and bones, grow your own, horticulture (no really: horticulture), suburban peasantry, tea, the daily commute, writer at work

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