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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust rengeek shakespeare

the landslide brung me down

Books on a dog February 2011 002

Buy these books or this dog starves.

(Never has any animal been so tormented)


You're in a Stevie Nicks mood, aren't you?
I'm learning the song, which means it's totally stuck in my head.
A good song to learn! Good luck! :D
Okay Okay, I buyed the Grail Book. The dog gets to eat?
Whenever the royalties trickle down. *g*
I guess dog is hunter, understands sometimes food is not today.
Hee. Well, right now, we eat off the royalties from the previous books...
The dog is fairly sizable. I think he could take down a woodchuck or something if you put him out in the woods. MAybe a gopher.
Well, my copy of _The White City_ arrived Wednesday (was so crashy I didn't actually *read* it until yesterday, but that's another post), so I've probably contributed my share of kibble for the month.

(Also, speaking of kibble, this 18 pound cat I've been acquired by is *huge* and eats about twice the food that Annie did. Makes an excellent heating pad, though, curled up under the covers against my back...)
I think you have. I hope you'll let me know what you think, when you have a chance.
What is laying on top of the adorable dog.

BTW, do you have any of the New Amsterdam Chapbooks left?
It's the LE chapbook that goes with The White City.

I do have some--I'll probably have another booksale later on this year.
Great, I will look forward to it.
GRD + stuffie + torment = awwww!
If Tor.com pays me monies soon (I have an optimism. Wholly unwarranted), hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a copy of The White City before it goes OOP. (Sebastian! Abby Irene!)

(The local bookshop, alas, appears never to have heard of Subterranean Press and proved baffled by my request to order a copy. What fools these mortals be!)
You could at least wake the dog up and ask it to look pitiable. ;-)

who is going to stop by the pet store this evening to buy cat food to preempt our being killed and eaten if the cats should, heaven forbid, run out of food in their bowl overnight
They could!

(PS, hope you don't hate it.)

Edited at 2011-02-26 02:03 am (UTC)
But...if I contribute to the feeding of the GRD, then my own poor starveling puppies will get less food.

Eh, screw 'em. They can eat the cats.