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bear by san

March 2017



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did you sleep much at all?

Daily Commute February 27 2011

Tea today: Upton domestic peppermint
Teacup today: Merlin's Cave, with punctuation fail

No actual work scheduled for today, but errands--Penzey's spices, Vietnamese grocery--and then (I hope) climbing and my online Call of Cthulhu game. A day off, in other words. Which makes, good gravy, two days off in a row.

And doing a lot of staring at the wall and hoping those two novellas I have to write in March will resolve themselves if I ignore them hard enough.


Nice thing about writing is that, unlike housework or taxes, one really can go off and have fun and the brain is actually chugging away in the background.
One can only hope...
Online RPG? Very cool. PBEM or PBP?

I have a friend who ran (runs?) a PBP Cthulhu game. That wasn't quite my speed, but I was part of the PBP group that spawned Leviathan Wakes, if you've heard of it. That was an extremely cool experience. A handful of extremely talented writers (and also me *g*) basically writing a collaborative adventure. I miss it, though it was hard to find the time for it at times.
Dunno what PBP is.

This is a chat game.
That sounds like fun.

Our game, and those of my friends who still play in a variety of other campaigns, was played (were played?) on an online forum, with subforums dedicated to each ongoing game. Not as immediate as playing by chat, but it allowed us to archive and organize the game into chapters, and to approach it as a bit of a collaborative writing experience. "Roleplaying" took the form of writing our interactions out in scenes, complete with description, dialogue, etc., and following the usual conventions for written fiction. The nods to it being an RPG were that we wrote in present tense, and that the role playing was punctuated by waiting on the GM to tell us the results of our actions. The actual results of the die rolls were kept out of the narrative. We wrote in kind of a tight third, instead of first, and if we needed to take over someone else's character for a few lines to keep the scene moving, that was okay as long as it was just roleplaying and not, like, making a major decision or putting a character at risk or something like that. If someone felt that his character would not respond a particular way or something, we retconned.
I've done that, and PBEM (even run PBEM). I find it pretty meh. To slow, not enough interaction.
Different strokes. :)

I've never done a chat-based one, but I used to do in-person RPG's, like most nerds in the eighties. :) Looking back, though, I can see that we (mostly) did squat for actual role-playing in our in-person games, and just described the actions our characters took. Still, it was as fun a way to trash your grades as any other.
My best in-person games have been very nearly improv method acting. *g*
I think I'd need a beer or two to achieve that level of comfort.

(Which is odd given that I have a bit of a theater background, but there's something nice about having all the lines and directions already written for you.)
Staring at the wall and CoC, that way lies non-Euclidian Geometries and SAN fails, which on the bright side might lead to non-Euclidian inspiration ;)