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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape pilot

"I'll repeat the question."

Mind the Baby, 2x1
17 March 2000

"You wanna have a midlife crisis?"

"We can't ditch. We gotta stick."

"You've seen more Delbians than I have."
"You think that's a help."

"Besides, if I die, you can eat me."
"You don't look ripe to me."

"It would complete the symmetry... nicely. Wouldn't it?"

Farts: Pilot makes a very zerbitzy sound at one point.
Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references: 
Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: Scorpius headslime, Crais's blood
Deaths of named characters: 
Worldbuilding weirdness: D'argo's new makeup nobody killing Crais. He's got more lives than Dr. Smith. Neural transponder. Scorpius's alien devil voice.
Moments of sheer love:  D'argo going down in a swing. Pilot eavesdropping on Rigel and Chiana. Chiana's wirefu hug. Aeryn kicking Zhan's ass. "I killed him with my bare hands. Here ends my report."

Vitas Mortis, 2x2
24 March 2000

"We were told we might find a Luxan here."

"And holy women never go bad?"

"Brother, that's her problem."

"Hull breaches are nearly unheard of on Leviathans."

"I do. But not yet."

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references: 
Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: Whatever secretion of Moya's (amnexis fluids?) Chiana is washing clothes in, Luxan blood in both black and clear,
Deaths of named characters:  Nilaam 
Worldbuilding weirdness: Luxan mandalas, D'Argo's bathrobe, D'Argo's other bathrobe. John all in Peacekeeper black with the skirted coat. Luxan smut 0.0. Luxan gender dimorphism mimics human. Pilot's species extremely long-lived.
Moments of sheer love:  "That judgment is yours to make." Chiana checking in on D'Argo and D'Argo lying to protect her. "We caused this problem." "I have not forgotten what you can NOT do." John setting down his gun. "Don't you think I know what has to be done?"


Not so much commenting as taking notes. *g*
The second time around, it's interesting to watch John's descent, knowing what's coming.

I kind of love watching this show take the piss out of Buck Rogers.
I keep promising myself that, one day, I will devote some time to a webcomic I keep promising myself I'll draw, featuring a little cartoon character I invented to anthropomorphize the irrepressile poltergeist inhabiting every successive computer I own. One idea I dearly want to do with it is to have Zoe do a journalized running commentary on the episodes of Farscape she is screening, so I can get to the part where she starts anticipating the hopeful death of Jools.

No idea how I'll follow it up when she reaches the end of the mini. Can't see dragging her through BSG. Not sure it will seem as funny if I switch her to CM or some other (of the rare few) series I am actively following. Maybe Doctor Who.

But anyway, yeah, whenever I read your mini reviews of these episodes, it keeps reminding me of that idea. Your voice isn't the same as Zoe's (of course), but the comical observances tickle a similar spot in my brain. So thank you.
We just watched those episodes last week. We rewatched season 1, then started season 2 for the first time. For some reason I'm having a bit of trouble settling into this season.
Please, please, please, given your bully pulpit, is it possible you can avoid the casual use of the word "rape" for things which are actually nothing at all like rape?
I defined my use of the term in the first or second post of the series: "an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside; the act of seizing and carrying off by force."

Rape as in "The Rape of the Lock," rather than in the sense of forced sexual intercourse.

One major thematic arc of Farscape is pretty much that--John is snatched away, repeatedly violated, suffers a massive abrogation of self and self-identity, and is reshaped drastically by the world he finds himself in.
One of the things I especially appreciate about this show is the variety of textiles used for costuming - Zhan has a collar of magnificence in ep2x2, above and beyond all the weirdness they drape on Rigel. (What? I have to look at something while I am tuning out every single thing that comes out of his mouth.)