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bear by san

March 2017



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welcome to my space ship. you're beautiful forever.

Daily Commute March 2 2011 002

Tea Today: Teavana Gyokuro Imperial. It's reasonably nice--grassy and a little pungent--but I'm really coming to the opinion that Teavana is Marketing 10, Tea 3*. My roomie likes it, though.

OTOH, I also have a chocolate-covered coconut candy from Divine Treasures, which makes up for a lot.

Teacup today: covered cup thecoughlin brought me from scenic Korea

My goal for this morning is to get some traction on rearranging the front bits of "REZ" into something that will carry the weight of the rest of the novella. I'm still trying to figure out a significant chunk of the plot--the antag's motivation.

No exercise today. Trying to go easy on the last lingering remnants of this cold and a sore deltoid. La.

All right, off to the word mines.

*Oh, about that earworm? Sorry. :-\


And have you heard about Teavana's required sales practices? That ain't it, kid, that ain't it, kid!
I haven't. Do tell?

Upton has better tea for lower prices, amazing customer service, and is a small local company. I say win.

(Though I'm a bit of an addict of Stash's White Christmas and Green Ginger Peach.)
I have friends who are addicted to Teavana, but I prefer Adagio and Harney's when I want to splurge. I can get more tea for better prices with them.

You're local to Upton? I just heard about them and ordered their British Blend Sampler, which has turned out to be great. Any suggestions on what they have that's really good?
I've had Adiago's golden yunan, which is nice-ish. Harney is a bit British for me: I drink my tea plain, almost always, and so the British and Russian style teas are often too bitter for me. (Although I love Twining's Earl Grey and Prince of Wales. And Kusmi's Prince Vladimir.)

Upton is located in Upton, MA--about an hour away from where I live. So while I mail order, I have the satisfaction of supporting the local economy. *g*

Upton's Russian Caravan is aces, and their Rose Congou is brilliant. I like their Christmas Tea (Melange Noel) as well--beautiful orangy chai. But their real strength is in the straight estate varietals: you know exactly what you're getting when you order a Darjeeling or an Assam from them, because they list estate, picking, year--

Good stuff.

(Upton also has the best chamomile I've ever had. It smells like fresh honey.)

tea ... 2 favorite sources

Red Blossom Tea Company
Very good, very fresh-tasting greens, whites, pu-erh, etc, plus a beautiful and reasonably priced selection of gaiwans (my favorite way to drink white tea).


for blends, Kusmi tea! Their Kashmir Tchai actual tastes like chai rather than some kind of syrupy cinnamon candy. They also have some superb blends (mint with verveine; China tea with bergamot, red fruits, and caramel). LOVE them.


Re: tea ... 2 favorite sources

I like Kusmi's Prince Vladimir, but most of their other teas I've tried have not really been to my taste. And they're hella expensive.

I'm aware of Red Blossom, but they don't seem to have anything Upton doesn't have, and their prices are higher.
I still order from Tea Source, which used to be part of my local economy.

Teavana is evil. Their employment practices leave much to be desired - their Mall of America store specifically advertises for student workers at UMN, then won't change schedules at the semester. This leaves them with an average employment period of about 4 months.
Tea Source looks similar to Upton--I like the just tea, no marketing approach.
Lovely cup!

I was hoping that "Gyokura" was a Teavana craziness. Alas, a Bear typo, but one I like, as it implies Teavana's version is closer to Godzilla. (Gyokuro *should* be premium quality Japanese tea. Brewed *briefly* from water that's cooler than optimum for black teas, but I expect that you know that.) Pity their version isn't good, Gyokuro in general is one of my very favorite teas - light, sweet undertones to the bitter, and up to having many, many infusions of the same leaves. I generally get 10.
oops. Hey, typos are my first language.
It was an *awesome* typo. I had all these fun RAWRRRR! imaginings as a result of it. The world would be a poorer place without that noble misplaced o/a.
I am enjoying these tea posts you've been doing lately. ^_^
I am ashamed to admit that I usually acquire tea at the grocery store (since World Market closed their MN locations) these days.

OTOH, I have an early birthday present tea squid now from SkybirdArts thanks to your post from the other day, and it makes me ridiculously happy to drink from it.

Edited at 2011-03-02 06:33 pm (UTC)
*g* I am glad to share the love.
I adore Teavana