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Daily Commute March 2 2011 002

Tea Today: Teavana Gyokuro Imperial. It's reasonably nice--grassy and a little pungent--but I'm really coming to the opinion that Teavana is Marketing 10, Tea 3*. My roomie likes it, though.

OTOH, I also have a chocolate-covered coconut candy from Divine Treasures, which makes up for a lot.

Teacup today: covered cup thecoughlin brought me from scenic Korea

My goal for this morning is to get some traction on rearranging the front bits of "REZ" into something that will carry the weight of the rest of the novella. I'm still trying to figure out a significant chunk of the plot--the antag's motivation.

No exercise today. Trying to go easy on the last lingering remnants of this cold and a sore deltoid. La.

All right, off to the word mines.

*Oh, about that earworm? Sorry. :-\

Tags: tea, the daily commute, the writer at work

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