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the band is awful and so are the tunes

There's a good deal of amusement value to be had in the fact that I'm going back through this story and putting in pronouns, which means I have to decide what gender everybody is. I love the no-pronouns stuntwriting trick, as readers of the Jacob's Ladder books will no doubt know, but it's actually distracting in the context of this story. I'll save it for when it's thematically useful, rather than just a great flashy stunt.

(One of the signs of maturity in a writer is choosing not to do something just because you can, I fear. Or possibly, like most allegedly mature wisdom, it's a sign of being too tired.)

Meanwhile, I have about 2,000 words for today, and I think my plan for now until Friday is to churn away at this thing and get as much done as I can. Grim determination may suffice where inspiration fails.

In other news, art for the Drabblecast release of "Boojum" on the artist's feed here.
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