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little to win but nothing to lose

Daily Commute March 2 2011

Two teamugs today. Second one is Tigger! Because I need the moral support.
And the second tea is Carribean Blue Lady. (It's actually the third tea: there was also Kusmi's Prince Vladimir.)

Meanwhile, back in Bendal-Dolum, I am grinding away at "REZ." I have 2600 words, and am hoping to make 3K before I quit to be pissed off about Paget Brewster's second-to-last Criminal Minds episode. The good news is, I have something between a quarter and third of a novella here, and plans to hack away at it tomorrow and Friday with minimal interruptions.

I do not actually feel like writing, but by God, I feel like finishing.

Because nobody ever gets to read the stories that don't get finished, and then what good are they to anyone?

Forgot to practice guitar today. Too busy beating my head against the word mines. Maybe a day or two off will do me good.
Tags: tea, the daily commute, writer at work

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