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bear by san

December 2021



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criminal minds boom

"don't make me come and get you."

being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 06x17, "Valhalla," written by Simon Mirren and Erica Messer, directed by Charles S. Carroll

Spooky dark house is spooky.

Frank! Drink!

In televisionland, there is only one subway. And it does not look like any of the subways it is supposed to be.

My fandom only sleeps on planes trains. I like Tsia's little half smile when Prentiss cowboys up.

Aww. Penelope has a cold. and a gorgeous periwinkle cardigan.

"He's been hiding something."

I love the M.E.'s voice.

"It's a big country."
"Not big enough."
Rossi taking care of Prentiss is love.

Prentiss is jumpy.
Reid is jumpy.
Reid comes clean with Prentiss. Prentiss does not come clean with Reid. Reid, you manipulative little bastard, I love you. Also, geek twins!

See, guys? This is why you should keep your HKs under the seat.

Doyle's Irish accent is improving. And anybody who can hit dead center on a tattoo on a wrist with an assault weapon is pretty scary.

"C.W.S. has a problem."

Ooops. Prentiss, deathbed confession is definitely going to give Garcia a clue.

Hotch needs you in the cone of silence!  
Hotch lays the can of whupass on the table.

You know, Emily, since Ian is making this your team's problem, I think you should probably come clean at this point. Especially since Clyde gave you permission.

Derek profiling himself while profiling Emily is beautiful.

"She's on vacation."
"Aw, great, now she'll never take another one."

"Get out of here."
Detail girl!

"Those are villages in North Korea."
"I love you. Of course she does."

Aw, Tsia. Saw that coming.

I love Garcia when her blood's up.

"If it involves getting vomit on your boots, I think I'm guilty."

Prentiss's Illya Kuryakin/Emma Peel getups are fabulous. As is Emily's focus on her team at the end here.

Well, that's more or less bringing your A game.


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And anybody who can hit dead center on a tattoo on a wrist with an assault weapon is pretty scary.
Hitting the tattoo with an assault rifle would be easier than with a pistol, but that's still a heck of a shot Doyle made. His buddies must have graduated from the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy, though.

Hotch needs you in the cone of silence!
Hotch lays the can of whupass on the table.

Even under the Cone of Silence, a Hotchalanche is a thing of beauty.

"She's on vacation."
"Aw, great, now she'll never take another one."

Maybe Strauss will go bug the cast of Criminal Minds: Substandard B-plots instead?

Damn it, though, I'm not ready to lose Prentiss. Even if we do get JJ back for one episode.
I love your icon.

Hotch didn't even have to OPEN the whupass. He just kind of set it aside like he was looking for something else in his pocket.
I'm from DC and I can't stand it when a show uses a New York subway set, our metro cars are not metal, our stations are not tiled. A silly pet peeve, I know. Although they totally had our number when they talked about how the city is obsessed with slightest hint of snow.
That's not a New York subway either. It's a generic TV subway.
Yeah. This was worthy of my show.
It's cause snow is the end of the world.

I wish I were more intrigued by this plot.
I wish I found it credible that she would keep the team in the dark when Doyle is clearly toying with them. I wish I found it credible that the bad, bad thing she did (which seems to be accidentally killing Doyle's lover? daughter? sister?) was so awful that I could understand why she wouldn't tell the team about it.

I keep thinking about the reveal in Torchwood: Children of Earth, which was, indeed, a bad, bad thing. I don't like it when I'm inclined to compare television show I love, but I'm wondering how the heck this is going to measure up in its reveal.
I thought *she* (in her Interpol persona of Lauren) was Doyle's lover? But I could be wrong...
I loved the scene with Reid!

And yeah, she was SO dumb not to tell her team what they were dealing with.
Am I weird in thinking -- given the ring -- that she was Doyle's lover?
When coupled with her reaction in the taking-of-Doyle flashback a couple episodes ago, that's what I'm thinking too.
About half way through I really really wanted to smack Prentiss. Honey, you're going to get the Team You Love killed anyway--might as well let them know and give them a fighting chance.

Not that this was an unreasonable way to plot the story, but when I start getting irritated by Prentiss's close-mouthedness, it gets in the way of my usual Reid-and-Garcia-Appreciation hour.
Heh. It's CM tradition. Character sits on deep, horrible secret to the point of madness (Reid, Morgan, JJ, Rossi) only to discover that the team figured it out already.

Because you were picking your fingernails.
I love these characters. I want these characters back.

Morgan, Reid, and Penelope teaming up to help Prentiss is just--yes. Prentiss, prickly when cornered. Garcia, connecting through bubbliness and a little bit of care-taking. Reid exchanging secrets. Morgan, with his driver's-seat psychology. I adore these people, and I miss them.

Also, I'm surprised that you did not comment on Garcia's purple mitts or her purple lipstick, which were highlights of the episode for me.
Re: the mitts and lipstick. I fear I thought they were horrible. *g* And not in a good way. (But in a totally in character way.)

Yes. Everybody was themselves tonight--sly, manipulative, decent, brave as hell.

Emily's still a lousy liar.
I think that I am just too utterly pissed at losing Paget/Prentiss to be able to give this episode it's due.

(although, yes, sneaky Reid was awesome and wibbly Prentiss was as well)

However, this whole arc has just been bugging me - and not just because I know what it means in the end. It feels like they are. pushing. so. hard. to make us care about Prentiss and all it makes me think is "um, hello. WE know she is awesome. We do not need you to threaten her life to get us to care what happens to her. Because, you know, WE ALREADY DO. WE JUST DO. I'm pretty sure we made that clear already, actually. Last spring, specifically. So stop acting like it takes death threats to make Prentiss interesting and important. Cuz that's just insulting."

I mean, I love Spy!Prentiss and all - and the tension between her secrets, her love of her team, and her distrust of everyone works...sometimes. But it would just be soooo much better if it was actually about her, and not omg! viewers tune in bc she's leaving (probably)!

That episode hasn't run here - yet. But I'm assuming that as she isn't dead - is she - that the build-up is because the network / production company is planning a spin-off starring Spy/Prentiss and is getting us ready to accept it.
It's a TV show shot in LA on a limited budget. Bitching about it does not change that fact. *shrug*
Didn't it? Kerfuck, I'm gonna miss Simon. :-P
Someone please tell me Seaver's reason for being there? IMHO she is (insert blond character here) girl. I actually forgot about her for most of the ep. Please, PTB, if you must eliminate Prentiss please do not replace her with another (insert brunette character here). Between the boring scripts and even worse replacement characters you are slowly destroying an intelligent and interesting show.
I had a moment when Reid was telling Prentiss about his headaches, watching her reaction, where I thought "since Doyle knows them so well could he be causing them somehow...poisoning Reid...or something". And why was Reid the only one he didn't call by his first name? He called him Dr. Reid. Just speculations.
Oh, CM, I have missed, you. Welcome back!

Emily's stubbornness is awe-inspiring and frustrating at the same time.

You know Reid has grown up when he's manipulating other team-members.

I want the next ep now.
Heh. Yes. This.
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