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"don't make me come and get you."

being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 06x17, "Valhalla," written by Simon Mirren and Erica Messer, directed by Charles S. Carroll

Spooky dark house is spooky.

Frank! Drink!

In televisionland, there is only one subway. And it does not look like any of the subways it is supposed to be.

My fandom only sleeps on planes trains. I like Tsia's little half smile when Prentiss cowboys up.

Aww. Penelope has a cold. and a gorgeous periwinkle cardigan.

"He's been hiding something."

I love the M.E.'s voice.

"It's a big country."
"Not big enough."
Rossi taking care of Prentiss is love.

Prentiss is jumpy.
Reid is jumpy.
Reid comes clean with Prentiss. Prentiss does not come clean with Reid. Reid, you manipulative little bastard, I love you. Also, geek twins!

See, guys? This is why you should keep your HKs under the seat.

Doyle's Irish accent is improving. And anybody who can hit dead center on a tattoo on a wrist with an assault weapon is pretty scary.

"C.W.S. has a problem."

Ooops. Prentiss, deathbed confession is definitely going to give Garcia a clue.

Hotch needs you in the cone of silence!  
Hotch lays the can of whupass on the table.

You know, Emily, since Ian is making this your team's problem, I think you should probably come clean at this point. Especially since Clyde gave you permission.

Derek profiling himself while profiling Emily is beautiful.

"She's on vacation."
"Aw, great, now she'll never take another one."

"Get out of here."
Detail girl!

"Those are villages in North Korea."
"I love you. Of course she does."

Aw, Tsia. Saw that coming.

I love Garcia when her blood's up.

"If it involves getting vomit on your boots, I think I'm guilty."

Prentiss's Illya Kuryakin/Emma Peel getups are fabulous. As is Emily's focus on her team at the end here.

Well, that's more or less bringing your A game.

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