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bear by san

March 2017



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sf farscape d'argo's your daddy

"She wants to fly."

Just a brief visual reminder of what's been happening to John over the course of the last season:

John in "I, ET"                                        John in "Vitas Mortis":


I think that adequately illustrates the problem.

Oh, but lest you think the transformation complete, there is more damage, violation, and insanity where that came from.

Taking the Stone, 2x3
31 March 2000

Crackers Don't Matter, 2x4
7 April 2000

Chiana picks her way through the ruined ship, staggering awkwardly, and John is so wrapped up in his technical explorations that he fails to notice a damned thing.

"I did not immediately detect her departure because several of my control systems have been offline."
Passive-aggressive Pilot is passive-aggressive, and John gets a lesson in humility.

"Next to where you lived? That's disgusting."

"Age lines, dead spots. You're historic."
The Farscape Onlies are much more droogielike than the Start Trek ones.
John's hair is even more punk rock this episode.

Rigel finds the Head of Vecna.

"Everyone's so lame on Moya."
"Time to jump, darling."
Is it bad of me to want to chant RENEW! RENEW! during this bit?

"When I need a psych report on Chiana, I will let you know." John, have you noticed that Aeryn is demonstrating empathy and insight? No, because you are loosing your mind. I can tell, because you have Trauma Hair.

"All die, nixar."

Shot of John while Chiana is kissing the boy creature? Brilliant. Stern John is Stern.

"Thank you. Now benefit me elsewhere."

"Yes, it will." Zhan = love, love, love.

John has no use for space hippies.
"Any time I wanna jump ship. Any time I wanna leave. Well, see ya."
"Feel free to jump in here any time."
"It's Chiana's choice, John." God, this is a fabulous fabulous scene. (Starts at 0:42 here, for the unitiated.)

"I am lost. Must stay lost."

"You been talking to the lost people. You true smart."

John plays Russian mushroom roulette. Because really, what does he have to lose? Go down swinging, indeed.
And Chiana's life depends on John's ability to maintain.

"I had a pissing contest with Molnon. I won. I think."

"You are the pin-up girl for frontal assault."
John finally realizes that Aeryn has grown, and they bond.
"Whatever that means, Crichton."

Love the stern and parental D'Argo and Zhan.

"Wanna take it together?" Ahh, the glimmers of Crazy John that will be.
Never trust anybody over thirty, John. Never trust anybody over thirty.

"Never had any courage."

"Lately, do I seem a little crazy to you?"

"Hey old man."
"Hey little girl."

"I'm too old."

Fucking gorgeous episode. Oh, sure, there's the Rigel curse subplot. *waves hand airily* You barely notice.

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references:  "Of course it looks familiar. That's because these tunnels are exactly the same." And it's Aeryn for once. "Are we having a failure to communicate... here?" "Why does it always end in tears?" And, ahem. See below.
Random Muppets: space maggot, Visible Woman's fetus bubble
Bodily Fluids: Chiana's blood, DRD internal goo, worm guts, pusssssss. Drippy, drippy pussssssss. John's tears.
Deaths of named characters:  Nirri... or is he?  Oh, and Jax! Almost forgot!
Worldbuilding weirdness:  Chiana is wearing a unitard. Then she is wearing belly makeup. Then she is wearing a unitard. How did Aeryn's prowler get wherever the hell Miri was? It cannot starburst. Cider jugs in space!
Moments of sheer love:  So, about that Nirri thing. Have we noticed the resemblance of the Boy Creature to Jahn in the ST:TOS episode "Miri"? Oh, Farscape, the nerd love in me is this big: <-------> By all means, let us wear our homages on our sleeve. Peacekeepers can fly? They probably use a prosthetic.


"His name is T'raltixx."

"Anybody feel anything?"

Braniac has daredevil powers.
"I'm up in the maintenance bay, John, about to have a fight with Aeryn."

Aeryn has gotten over her distaste for technical skills.

Hey. That's a very nice blue butt.

"She's a plant. Put her in the light. Watch her smile." Pilot is love.

Aeryn's lifted-eyebrow staredown of D'Argo is fabulous. As is D'Argo suddenly noticing all the hot girls. *dies*

"Unless she's faking it. They can do that, you know."

"So why are you affected by it?" John gets it...

"Where's my ice cream?" John is learning a coping skill: Madness.

"Trust me."
"I don't."

Evil Pilot is evil. You can tell because he's lit from below.

"No one is getting off the boat."

"I've got a plan! What do you say we all put our guns down.?"

First Scorpius hallucination! Drink!

"Try it, Medusa. Try it."

"That is good. That is fantastic."

Scorpius in a Hawaiian shirt, drink!

Aeryn and John John Woo gunfight.

"Private moment number three hundred and forty four."

"I'm not deficient! I'm superior! Humans are superior!"

"We are going to die."

"I dunno. It was just there."

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references: 
Ginsu knives and Braniac and Yoda and carnival games. T'raltixx climbs like Dracula. Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry's, Good Humor... Gilligan and Mary Anne.  Wonderbra. "Heeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!" Pilot as HAL. Scorpius quotes Shakespeare.
Random Muppets: There's gotta be some puppetry involved in T'raltixx.
Bodily Fluids:  D'Argo's venom? Does that count? D'Argo's blood. Crichton's sweat. "It's puke?!" Moya's fluids
Deaths of named characters:  T'raltixx. I think that may be John's first murder.
Worldbuilding weirdness: 
Moments of sheer love:  Pilot and John arguing themselves out of cooperating against their own better judgment. Photogasms. Pilot dressing down Crichton and the human race. Pilot has defenses. Aeryn eating the crackers out of her cleavage. Mippippippi! John, you remembered.


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I looooooooooove both of these episodes. Though that may just be an almost unilateral thing with Farscape fans.
I have heard some bitching about Taking the Stone. But they are wrong.

Next up, "The Way We Weren't." But right now, bed.
Oh gosh, yes.
i'm pretty sure "crackers don't matter" is my favorite ep of the whole series.

i am GREATLY enjoying these commentary-ish (you said earlier they weren't quite) farscape posts, btw. thanks again. :)

Edited at 2011-03-04 03:41 am (UTC)
That seems to be a widely-held opinion. I think it's definitely a high point. Maybe I'll have a favorite ep after this rewatch.
Years ago, me and my (then) writing partner Analise wrote 2 Farscape scripts that we subbed to CAA for coverage in the faint hope that we might get to write a Farscape episode. We got good coverage and the plan went ahead, but we soon discovered that Australian union laws didn't work quite the way we wanted them to, and the producers were not able to look at our scripts. I don't think I ever recovered from that. :) BUT! I do still have a vivid and abiding love for the series.

And for this Farscape vid, which is... okay it's the best Farscape vid I've seen ever ever. Even I never looked at Crichton and Scorpius this way. :)

Nice! If I could vid, I'd do a Madness Of John Crichton vid to Harry Nilsson's "Spaceman."


Tell me that's not John's song.

And a Crais vid to Blondie's "One Way Or Another." Ever notice how much the first season Farscape theme recollects it?

Oh, and I've said for years you can't slash or ship Farscape.

The work is all done for you.

"I'm sorry, John. I'm with Chiana now."

Edited at 2011-03-04 04:00 am (UTC)
Parts of "Crackers Don't Matter" caused me to laugh insanely hard. I owe it a rewatch, but am sadly getting no DVD-watching time lately. :-/
"Crackers Don't Matter" is one of my favorite episodes of anything. I more than completely fell in love with, well, everyone, that episode.
"Taking the Stone" was one of the real click points for me -- that one scene I linked -- is fabulous. John doesn't GET to be paternal. He doesn't get to decide for others. His morality and desire does not trump Chiana's.

That's pretty astounding. And I just realized that it's the reason I stopped watching New Who: because I got tired of the narrative instituting a morality I usually didn't agree with.
Those two episodes were when I really, really fell in love with the series.
I rewatched the start of season 2 recently, and I'd almost forgotten what I liked so much about Farscape until 'Crackers Don't Matter' came along and reminded me. Awesome episode.
I love how over the arc of the show, that coldness and selfishness hinted at in early John just becomes more and more focused and to the fore. Hero is antihero = love (here, anyway. Though I miss Crais and his skirts).
I think of it as ruthlessness. What really works fabulously for me in Farscape is the way it questions the colonial assumptions of 1950s SF--Buck Rogers in the Future isn't there to bring, you know, superior 20th century American democratic values to the galaxy.

He's remade into something else, not the other way around.

John's plot arc over the course of the series is one of cultural assimilation, and I think that's both subversive and true.

Crackers Don't Matter is one of my favourites. Damn, I really need to rewatch some Farscape.
Having just seen these two for the first time, and not being sure where season 2 was going, I have to say that "Crackers" was a hell of a lot of fun and gave me a much better sense of where everyone was development-wise.

I'm going to enjoy watching eps and checking your rewatch commentary.
To Hell... oh wait, that is Farscape in general. :-P
I loved "Crackers Don't Matter." It's absolutely insane.
Although really the title should be "Crackers. Don't. Matter! (BRRZT!)"
Yay farscape, one of the few decent shows to come out of my country (Australia). Great aussie/kiwi talent. Real shame it got cancelled. :(
Never could have been made in America, at least not for a network and not a pay channel.
Oh, god. Crackers Don't Matter. I don't love it as much as 2.05, but it is lots more hilarious.

And yet, at the same time as it's being hilarious, it's not just being played for laughs.
It's hilarious and terrible. Especially taken in context.

And John kills somebody and shrugs it off as vermin control, in a way he never would have a year before.
I can no longer say the word Mississippi. It just comes out Mippippippi every time. I seem to have no control over this.
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