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seems like your dear diary didn't know you so well

Daily Commute March 4 2011 002

Tea today: Tindhari Estate Darjeeling FTGFOP1 CL. At least the first cup. Then I'm switching to Chun Mee
Teacup today: Shadow Unit

Today's Daily Commute photo guest stars MY BREAKFAST.

Plans to make chili and anadama bread* and watch the Benjamin Bagby Beowulf tonight with The Jeff, so I need to get as much novella under my wheels this morning/afternoon as possible. Lost most of the morning to errands (prescription pickup, you know the drill) but got some writing done in bed before roustout and some more at the pharmacy.

This novella seems to want to be written to KT Tunstall and Garbage, which makes perfect sense for a story set in Bengaluru in 2050 or thereabouts...

All right. Words. I leave you to your internets, Internet.

*Like Boston Brown Bread, I suspect this started off as a thrifty New England way to use up the scraps.
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