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bear by san

March 2017



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everybody's looking for somebody's arms to fall into

Daily Commute March 5 2011

1000 words before tea or breakfast this morning. Okay, 400 of them were last night before bed. Now that I've eaten something, it's back at it until company comes in a couple hours. We're going to play with batwrangler's molecular gastronomy toys.

Tea today: Teavana Gyokuro Imperial, second steeping from what my roomie made last night. I'm still not overly impressed with it. It's like slightly grassy water on a second steep.

I think I will behave myself and avoid the black stuff for a while. I don't think I've gotten hooked yet, but I've been drinking enough that I will be soon if I don't back it off a bit. (My body handles caffeine insanely well. I suspect it's because my mother has a two/three pot a day coffee habit, so my system accepts it as a normal part of the environment. But if I drink too much black tea or coffee, I start getting headaches when I don't. Since I don't want to have to drink black tea or coffee if I don't feel like it, I try to detox regularly. Since green tea, white tea, and tisane are all delicious, this is pretty easy.)

Teacup today: Winter tea bowl made by the estimable soloadventure


Can I just sneak in to say (well I have now, haven't I?) that your tea mug and tea bowl collection is lovely, especially the chunky rustic ones?
*g* They tend to add up, even when you only buy one every couple of months....


I would love to see a picture of your tea bowl cupboard.

I haven't unpacked any of my pottery since we moved. I'd forgotten what that series looks like! Thanks!
I didn't understand how anyone could drink tea until I discovered the green varieties. Happy drinking!
Right there with you on the caffeine, and your post reminds me that I need to find a good place to get tea around here. I suspect that will be easier to do than trying to match your teacup collection *grins*
I commend unto you Upton Tea ( www.uptontea.com )

If you order before close of business, they ship same-day. And I have yet to see anyplace that beats them for quality, price, selection, or service.
It is! It has so many helpful uses.
if 2nd infusion is grassy water, then the 1st was too strong.

Have you tried Korean-style roasted grain teas as another hot infusion/no-caffeine beverage?
The first was 45 seconds (and as mentioned the last time I talked about this tea, underwhelming). The second was a minute.

I do *actually* know how to brew tea.

And I loathe roasted grain infusions unless they have reached their final destiny as beer.
Wasn't meaning to insult. I do gyokuro (from Japanese sources) with about 2 tsp to 8oz of water @ 170-180F, pour on and pour off immediately. Or I leave 1/4 to 1/2 tsp to sit in the bottom of the cup all day as I pour in a little hot water, drinking as it's cool enough. I have no idea whether this is the expert thing, this is "how I was taught to do it as a kid".

*laugh* I can see hating the roasted grain infusions. I grew up with them, but they're lacking a certain mouthfeel of most teas and tisanes and infusions.