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bear by san

March 2017



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writing genocide

you best step off the gas boy

Daily Commute March 7 2011 001

Tea today: Upton's Young Hyson
Teacup today: my great-grandmother's china.

1,000 words before bed last night. Still having a heck of a time falling asleep, despite resuming the exercise schedule (take that, head full of green cement!) but once I was down I went down hard.

There's yoga here in a minute (though the dog has his head on my feet, making me reluctant to get up), then more work on the novella that is not named "REZ," then a dogwalk and some guitar practice and math, then more writing. Then maybe some Farscape or Castle. We're re-entering our life, in other words. The marshalls should be along any moment.

World: still melting. Yay! Rivers in flood all over the damned place, but this happens. Might be one of the years East Hartford Main Street goes under water, though. There's a lot of water out there.

Hands are still sore from yesterday, and I scraped hell out of my right hand knuckled in a corner.

soloadventure wanted photos of the cupboard. I don't actually have a single cup storage area, and some are currently in use/in TBRE's car (probably rather a lot of them)/in the dishwasher. So it goes. But here's part of the collection:

Daily Commute March 7 2011 003 Daily Commute March 7 2011 005 Daily Commute March 7 2011 004

That pretty much spoils any surprises, I guess.

No, the wine glasses don't match either.


1. HOORAY for using your grandmother's china! I am firmly of the opinion that the "good stuff" should be used frequently rather than just on special occasions. I don't drink much wine (especially since last summer's Wreck and my subsequent necessary use of pain killers), so I use my lovely pottery goblets to drink milk or juice, even water. Seeing them and drinking from them makes me happy.

2. Your mug/teacup collection makes mine look very small indeed. Looks like I need to invest more in mine.
3. Matching is overrated -- unless, of course, the mug or wine glass REALLY makes you happy, and you want a pair or set to make you even happier.
I love your great-grandmother's china. That teacup is beautiful.
*wanders over to the hutch* Yep. Thought I recognized that pattern. It was my great grandmother's as well.

I need to make a mug board/shelf. I don't have enough room in the kitchen any more...
Lovely mugs and cups! The china is glorious.

As much as I still yearn for a set of Matching Everything because it would make me feel properly grown up, I've grown to love how emotionally textured completely mismatched sets are to me. There's an ephemeral sort of narrative in how various pieces come together for a drink or a meal, and in the pieces themselves, and how they do or do not fit the meal or drink or person's mood.

Hurrah for variety!
These teacup posts make me irrationally happy. Possibly because I have a Thing for mugs, but can't buy myself any more until I break some and/or grow a new cabinet.