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"We all have things in our pasts we'd rather not have on instant replay."


Courtesy of batwrangler, my handsome boy.

And now onto some Farscape.

The Way We Weren't, 2x5
14 April 2000

Picture if You Will, 2x6
21 April 2000


In which Chiana discovers that Aeryn has been aboard Moya before, and the others are for some incomprehensible reason shocked to discover that Aeryn was a Peacekeeper.

When Crais chews scenery, it stays chewed.

"That's fine, but I don't have to be interested."

"My relationships have tended to be somewhat..."

"Officer Sun. We must talk."
Pilot is projecting.

"I wouldn't know. I spent the whole time with my collarbones chained to the wall of my cell."

Zhaan pulls it out so beautifully here. "In that world, that was the only kind of Peacekeeper you could be."

"Crais is a maniac, and his coveted project is an abomination."

"No no no no this is not good not good not good."

"We don't."

"I got my duty."

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references: 
5 cents, the doctor is in; three men in a tub;
Random Muppets: Other pilot. Also, I think Baby Pilot is a different muppet. Or at least being performed differently.
Bodily Fluids: Other pilot's blood and guts, Aeryn's blood, Aeryn's tears, Pilot's purple goo, Pilot's tears
Deaths of named characters: Since pilots do not seem to have names exactly, I think she counts, Velorek,
Worldbuilding weirdness:  So that's what the bottom half of a pilot looks like. John always wins rock paper scissors
Moments of sheer love: Have we noticed that the music for the Peacekeeper storm troopers sounds a bit like flying monkey music? Lt. Velorek, who I adore. Chiana beating the snot out of Rigel does me good. (I loathe Rigel.).

In which Chiana brings trouble back to the ship... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagain.

"Well in this case, it's a window in time."

Rigel sucks at subtle and incognito.

"I am being a concerned Luxan."

"Indefinitely. If I raise the temperature and maintain airflow."

You think they would learn about junk dealers and evil paintings by now.

"Are you always going to do this?"
"Keep the entire world at a distance? Keep everybody away? Is that every going to change?"

"Don't shoot. It's me."
"All the more reason to pull the trigger."

"John, you've been a good friend. Whatever happens, it's been a pleasure."
"D'Argo... shut up."

I never much liked the Maldis evil magic episodes, and Zhaan gives up too easy when she's pretending to be a sissy--but I love the way D'Argo's tendrils waver in the breeze when he spins around.

"Ignore what I say next."

"I don't have a mustache, John!"

"I don't do requests."

"Who's the ugly old man."
"He's your basic evil vampire."
"He sucks the life force out of people."
"He just plain sucks."

"Leave me here."

"That was your plan?"
"Yes. Like it?"

"Sit back and enjoy the happy ending."

Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references: 

Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: Zhaan's tears. "No blood. No guts."
Deaths of named characters: Kyvan. Sort of. Maldis. Again.
Worldbuilding weirdness: 
Moments of sheer love:

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