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thank god it's fatal

First run of the year--possibly the first run since last April, which is the last time I used my running tag. Ooops.

3.2 miles jogged in :49 with bio breaks for the dog (averaging 15 1/3 minute miles over irregular terrain), with no cardiovascular discomfort. By the top of the second hill (the biggest one) my calves were killing me, so I walked up the third. Jogged up the next two, though, and actually mostly ran (slow run) the last half-mile, which is downhill. Walked the last block, as a cool down.

I'm kind of geeked that a 5K run is pretty trivial, at this point, since I really am out of training. (I can manage dog, icy sidewalks, and jogging: pick 2.)

I'm pretty psyched at my cardio condition. I guess the yoga, climbing, and walking have sufficed to keep the old lungs and ticker muscular.

Jogging means that I'm moving at a pace close to the dog's natural lope, so he doesn't tug at the leash and he actually gets a workout equivalent to a fast walk: if I break a slow run, he has to trot, but his trot is fast enough that I annoy him again by being slow. Two legs are slow. (Actually, we're the best long-distance runners on the planet, and one of the better sprinters, but trotting dogs can outcompete us in their natural gait.)

9.2 miles to Minas Tirith, where I will have to decide where to go next and with whom. (I've been walking with my nearly-namesake Pippin. We left the Shire on January 15, 2007. That was 2,142.4 miles ago.)

Today is a Rest Day. Possibly the rest of the week is Rest Days. Or at least Reading Days.

Once I sluice the sweat off, I plan to practice guitar and do a little math (still on planar geometry, which I have always liked) and try to catch up on some reading.

There will be climbing later, and a PT appointment, and I have to see if I can do a headstand again. (I managed one against the wall two weeks ago, before I took a week off because of the cold. I'm pretty pleased with myself for being an overweight nearly-40-year-old woman who can manage a headstand and a 5K run. And a cartwheel. Next goal, handstand.)

There might be more Farscape tonight. In the meantime, tea.

tea today: Upton's Peach with Flowers, a perennial favorite. With a touch of honey, because it brings out the peachiness.

Daily Commute March 8 2011 002

teacup today: University of Connecticut mug I bought in oh, 1989 or so. They don't use that logo anymore. Man, I wish I knew then what I know now. Wouldn't it be nice if life had saved positions?

Daily Commute March 8 2011 004
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