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it sure didn't look like you were having any fun

It's been interesting to watch Madison Avenue figuring out the trick to marketing to Gen X as we enter the coveted demographic. Because pretty much, we were raised on plastic toys that looked cooler in the commercials, and we are on to the fact that the shit we are buying is not likely to be any better than the other shit, no matter what the ads tell us.

However, if you amuse us, we will buy your shit, because we like to reward people who amuse us, and we needed some shit anyway.

And if your shit, wonder of wonders, turns out to actually be good shit? Shit that actually works as advertised? We will seriously tell all our friends, kind of amazed.

That said, Kotex, I dig your whole cynical gothy tampon thing? But clotted blood does not actually look better on lime green plastic than it does on beige.

Just saying.
Tags: design flaw, other people's stuff is shit, still not over the magic eraser thing, this post brought to you by georgecarlin, tmi
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