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"D'Argo? Chiana has a plan."

Home on the Remains, 2x7
16 June 2000

In which Zhaan reproduces asexually.

John is allergic to Delbian spores.

"Here y'are, Marshall."

Chiana is self-sacrificing.

"Keep an eye on the chilluns 'til I get back."

"It seemed like a better idea than waiting for you to frell him into submission."

D'Argo in love is adorable.

"That's your...ear, right?"

What this budong needs is a horta.

"No? Or not yet?"
"That's up to her."

Aeryn's ruthlessness is a think of beauty. Nice headbutt.

"I'm evolving as an individual."

"Eat. Don't talk."


Bizarrely appropriate pop culture references: 
Captain Kirk
Random Muppets: The keedva should have been a muppet. It would be less silly looking.
Bodily Fluids: John's snot; D'Argo's snot; Temmon's blood; Budong pustule slime; does Zhaan's pollen count?; Aeryn's tears;  D'Argo blood; Altana's blood;
Deaths of named characters:  Temmon; Altana; the keedva (poor keedva), B'sogg
Worldbuilding weirdness:  Chiana's sexy dress is less revealing than her everyday clothes; Australians doing bayou accents; Budongs; How did they barbecue the keedva?
Moments of sheer love: The shot of Zhaan falling amidst her spores; Action!Chiana

Tags: rape of john crichton

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