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[23:35] kafkonia: Somebody just said about the new Conan, "He looks the part, but can he act?"
[23:35] kafkonia: Um.... it's Conan.
[23:35] kafkonia: In fact, if he can act, he might not be believable.
[23:35] matociquala: he has such a great theatrical onus of history upon him, after all
[23:36] matociquala: The Bogey Conan. The Olivier Conan.
[23:36] matociquala: Berhardt's breeches part
[23:37] kafkonia: Don't forget his classic soliloquy, "What is best in life? To be, or not to be?"
[23:38] matociquala: Is it worth having a glass of wine now?
[23:38] kafkonia: I think it is, in honour of Shakespeare's Conan.
[23:39] kafkonia: And Dostoevsky's groundbreaking "Conan the Idiot".
[23:39] tanaise: Have you touched on Kafka's yet?
[23:39] kafkonia: The Cimerian colony?
[23:39] tanaise: about the guy who goes to sleep and wakes up as conan
[23:39] kafkonia: Oh, that one.
[23:40] kafkonia: And let's not forget Kromm Here to Eternity.
[23:41] stillsostrange: Als Conan der Cimmerian eines Morgens als unrühige Träumen erwachte...
[23:41] kafkonia: Sir Thomas More: A Conan for All Seasons.
[23:42] leahbobet: Crom and Punishment.
[23:43] stillsostrange: Old Conan and the Sea
[23:43] stillsostrange: King Conan and I
[23:43] kafkonia: Love is the Plan, the Plan is Conan
[23:44] matociquala: Conan-22
[23:44] kafkonia: Conan of Green Gables
[23:45] matociquala: Crom and Loathing in Las Vegas
[23:47] matociquala: In Cimmerian Wine
[23:48] kafkonia: Look of Homeward, Conan.
Tags: chatroom transcripts, the days of high adventure, the writer at work
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