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bear by san

March 2017



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ascii frog by Jean Seok

gone are the days when the ox fall down

[23:35] kafkonia: Somebody just said about the new Conan, "He looks the part, but can he act?"
[23:35] kafkonia: Um.... it's Conan.
[23:35] kafkonia: In fact, if he can act, he might not be believable.
[23:35] matociquala: he has such a great theatrical onus of history upon him, after all
[23:36] matociquala: The Bogey Conan. The Olivier Conan.
[23:36] matociquala: Berhardt's breeches part
[23:37] kafkonia: Don't forget his classic soliloquy, "What is best in life? To be, or not to be?"
[23:38] matociquala: Is it worth having a glass of wine now?
[23:38] kafkonia: I think it is, in honour of Shakespeare's Conan.
[23:39] kafkonia: And Dostoevsky's groundbreaking "Conan the Idiot".
[23:39] tanaise: Have you touched on Kafka's yet?
[23:39] kafkonia: The Cimerian colony?
[23:39] tanaise: about the guy who goes to sleep and wakes up as conan
[23:39] kafkonia: Oh, that one.
[23:40] kafkonia: And let's not forget Kromm Here to Eternity.
[23:41] stillsostrange: Als Conan der Cimmerian eines Morgens als unrühige Träumen erwachte...
[23:41] kafkonia: Sir Thomas More: A Conan for All Seasons.
[23:42] leahbobet: Crom and Punishment.
[23:43] stillsostrange: Old Conan and the Sea
[23:43] stillsostrange: King Conan and I
[23:43] kafkonia: Love is the Plan, the Plan is Conan
[23:44] matociquala: Conan-22
[23:44] kafkonia: Conan of Green Gables
[23:45] matociquala: Crom and Loathing in Las Vegas
[23:47] matociquala: In Cimmerian Wine
[23:48] kafkonia: Look of Homeward, Conan.


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(of course)
...you're weird, sir.
My favorite is still Conan the Librarian, but I don't mean the one from UHF, though that one is fun ("You don't know the DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM?"). Reading Rainbow had a "Conan the Librarian" animated short with Conan talking about the "ancient texts" (including A Wrinkle in Time) and the "Sacred Card of Library" and as he gives a kid his new library card, tells him "Trust not in men, nor in beasts, but in your card!" and the whole screen shakes when he uses the rubber stamp on books.
Nor the Library of Congress system...
I love this so, so much!
I just read that conversation to my roommate. She laughed so hard I think a hospital trip may be in order. 8D
She also suggests "The French Lietentant's Conan" and "Conan Wars" and "Conan Trek".
Conan of Earthsea.
Conan of the Apes?

Conan at the Earth's Core

Fighting Conan of Mars

Suddenly One Cimmerian.

Two Conans of Aquilonia.

The Emerald City of Conan.

Memories of Conans Past.

Tropic of Conan.

Unsure whether Conano Furioso is sufficiently cromulent or not...

Because I parent a toddler ...

Goodnight, Conan (Have you seen Goodnight, Dune? AWESOMESAUCE)

Oh, The Things You Can Fight

Conan in Socks

Conan the Tank-Engine

Conan the Explorer

Conan the Big Red Dog

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Stop, stop, my sides are splitting!
So when can I preorder the anthology?
The Cimmerian of the Day Before

Conan's Pendulum

When I was working at Tor we had a contest among the sales reps to name the next Conan book. I think the winner was something unexceptionable ("Conan the Vampire Slayer"? No, that wasn't it. "A Long Day's Journey into Cimmeria"? Not quite.) But my favorite was "Conan the Inner Child." Having raised kids, I now like that one even more.
I Will Fear No Conan
Conan on the Edge of Time?
Personally, my favourite was the Chronicles of Cimmeria series. Huge influence on my early writing. *nods*
Meet the Conan?
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