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Got a lovely rejection from GVG today that confirmed for me that the story does exactly what I wanted it to do: unfortunately, it wasn't what he wanted it to do. At least he *got* it--and John got it, and liked it enough to pass up. Which made my day, because I'm still getting the bugs out of this short story thing.

I'm pretty pleased with it. It's the rare story that was just more fun than I had had in months to write, and I still liked it after it was finished, and other people like it too. Usually I can get one from column A, one from column B. Sometimes only one. Very rarely all three.

Just packaged up two more turnips for lobbing: one to Alchemy and one to Asimov's. I will mail them on the way to get the boy.

You know, I have found one thing about selling a novel that absolutely made me squeeeeeeeeee! like a five year old. It was getting to type this in a cover letter:

My first novel, Hammered, will be forthcoming from Bantam Spectra in 2005.
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