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light a fire. burn up all you know.

sartorias (Sherwood Smith) is one of the best writing teachers I've ever run across. She taught me how to write omniscient with a few brilliant sentences.

Here is one of the reasons why she's as good as she is.

Learning to Rewrite-- on plagiarism and promise.

I'm still listening to Emmylou Harris (and Peter Mulvey, currently: the relief pitcher is changing without notice)

1) The album Red Dirt Girl is a fucking masterpiece. If you have not heard it, go you and do. I don't care if you think you hate country music--if you hate this, you really do hate country music. Consider it an acid test.

2) It was the album I wrote most of Carnival too, along with Vienna Teng's first two. It also appears to be the album I am writing ad eternum to.

Tea today: Taylor's of Harrogate Lapsang Souchong. Cigarette tea always reminds me of my friend Jack. Although I admit, I like Twinings better than Taylor's for most English teas.
Teacup today: Willowware. The one with the pony and the little guy fishing off the bridge.

daily commute march 13 2011

Item: I've changed the first sentence of ad eternum. It's now, "He called himself Jack Prior."

Yeah, that hurts me, too.
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