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i held the future up to a looking glass. it bears a striking resemblance to the embers of the past.

Last night, somebody gave the puppeteer (evynrude)a giant hand-knit sock and a couple of almonds...

2011 03 13 Karen puppets the sock 002

As for the corned beef and veg--reader, we ated it.

Also, my mom brought the GRD a new soccer ball.

2011 03 14 Giant Ridiculous Dog 002


This one still BOUNCES!

(It's slightly deflated on purpose, so he can pick it up.)

And now I have to write 8 pages of ad eternum.

Tea today: Stash black ginger peach (yum)
Teacup today: Bunnies doing what bunnies do best

2011 03 14 Daily COmmute

And so to work.
Tags: giant ridiculous dog, new amsterdam, tea, the daily commute

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