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now i'm not a highly metaphysical man but i know when the stars are aligned i can

Ah, the moss-troll problem rears its ugly head. I find it extra-prickly in alternate or contrafactual history (which is why I gravitate to contrafactual history rather than alternate history), where one constantly must decide if there was a Luigi Galvani, or if we need something bloody else to call a galvanized nail.

Does Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. exist in the New Amsterdam universe? Indiana doesn't. But I really want a New Amsterdam cognate of Slaughterhouse-Five. So I'm going to decide he does, and grew up in New Amsterdam.

I'm also deciding that John Louis McAdam existed, because I'm too lazy to come up with another name for tarmac.

Yes, I really do think about this stuff. A lot.
Tags: moss-troll at work, new amsterdam

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