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and something from the past just comes and stares into my soul

Cannot stop listening to Mark Knopfler's "What It Is." Apparently Sebastien is in a crumbling citadels in Scotland kind of mood.

Teacup today: Gahan Wilson, Sometimes You Hunt the Monsters

2011 03 16 Daily COmmute 001 2011 03 16 Daily COmmute 002

Tea today: So far, last night's leftover Stash green tea with goji berry, which is still kind of slightly warm inside my magic carafe.

I overslept, you see. So exercise is also getting put off until this evening, when there is meant to be rock climbing.

However, I did get another 2,000 words before bed, which means I have about a third of a novella here. I wound up writing so much because I was trying to get to the smut, and instead there was endless smut negotiations. Sometimes the characters just won't cooperate.

Anyway, it's back on the treadmill now, and we're trying for another eight to twelve pages. Because The Deadline Cometh.

I should probably shower and ingest some calories now. (I first typed "injest," which indicates to me the eating of a sutteltye, perhaps?)

And on that note, clean hair and more tea and work and words. Probably even in that order.
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