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Well, I dunno how I'm supposed to manage an impartial review after that. Aww, you guys. *sniffle*

Ahem. ...being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 6x18, "Lauren," written by Breen Frazier, directed by Matthew Gray Gubler.

You know, that's not the only thing that matters to Prentiss. There are things that matter much more.

Unlike Rossi, Emily knows how to drink whisky.

Reid cracks the case. And JJ is the perfect avenging angel. And smug Hotch is smug.

Well, that's the point of no return, right there. ...if she had actually done it.

The thing that makes me happiest about that (There's my fifteen minutes of fame, right there) is that the book that's quoted? Is about a young woman on a deep cover assignment imvolving some fairly serious moral ambiguities. *

Yeah. I haven't been so happy about a completely obscure thematic in-joke since the "Chapter 3 of Mother Night" bit in "Fear and Loathing."

Aw, Sean. Not even the dignity of an onscreen death.
"This doesn't mean anything."
Morgan has trust issues (drink), and Emily left them all the clues they need.  I do like Rossi talking Derek down.

"We are in that dark place with you. We are waving flashlights and calling your name." Not that that's a callback to anything else we might be reminded of by this episode... The thematic and narrative echoes kind of roll through the wavetank that is Criminal Minds, when it's on.

Oh, Emily. You have to have seen that coming.

"Sorry about the screaming." Everybody is very in character tonight.

Garcia's earrings are gold quatrefoils.

Liam's been the sensible one all along.
And Prentiss is doing the best manipulation ever.

"Just because you know how I profile, doesn't mean you know me."

"Smell that?"

"Dated a few." I'm enjoying Seaver.

"Come on. Let's get you a new shirt." Oh, this is totally my show.

"Can you break your oath, Agent Hotchner?"

Stall, Emily. Stall. You know, this torture scene is bad, but so much easier than the bastinado bit in "Revelations."

Batwing sweater!

Oh, Emily. She gave him the out. And he didn't take it.

(I have no notes for this bit because I was utterly fixated. Except to wonder just a bit if that level of military-incursion, wholesale slaughter was strictly legal.)

Oh, Morgan. You always pull it out, man. It's why I haven't changed the name on Rossi's old drowning bucket yet, man.

And JJ has the bad news. Because it's still her job.

"I never got to say goodbye."
Oh, my sweet wondergeeks. Now I'm gonna cry. I'm not even crying for Emily, because I know JJ is lying. I'm crying for Reid and Garcia and Morgan.

Hah. I knew from the second JJ hugged Reid that Emily wasn't dead. Because JJ is the liar. And she and Hotch cooked that up. And Doyle is still out there.

That was totally My Show. And MGG is going to be a very fine director whenever he gets bored with this acting thing. He's built on too damned many points, you know that?

They pulled it off.
Oh, Show. CBS hands you piles of shit, and you make the flowers grow.

*(The quote, for everybody who asked, was "The secret to lying is to believe with all your heart. That goes for lying to yourself even more than lying to another."

Which is the second and third lines of Seven for a Secret.)

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