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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu geekier than the average spy

no more mister quick. mister quick, dead, yes.

Why has everybody on my flist watched Dark City this week? Is there some contagion I should know about?

You all are gonna make me watch it again too, aren't you?

Gaw, that's a freaking brilliant movie.


I miss the original version. I don't like the director's cut at all. /cane-waving
We are not movie twins. *g*
I'm assuming it's the sci-fi one from 98? I've never seen it, I'm guessing that I should correct that oversight?
Ignore txanne up there and watch the director's cut. It dispenses with a certain lousy-ass voiceover.

The Adjustment Bureau commercials all made me want to roll my eyes at the movie industry and dust off my VHS copy of Dark City to watch it again instead.

Now there might be a movie I need to repurchase on DVD at some point.
Is there some contagion I should know about?

It's that widening gyre. It spirals out, and catches you.

You all are gonna make me watch it again too, aren't you?

Read your reaction, over at greygirlbeast's post, and it was absolutely brilliant. Spot on.

Thank you! I was really, really impressed with that film.

Made me settle in yesterday and re-watch it, myself. Thank's for that.

You're very welcome. I have come to the conclusion I need to find a copy myself.

Re: "Are we sure that's what we want?"

I always want to quote the thing I quoted above as "Mistah Quick, he dead."

Too much T.S. Elliot at an impressionable age is bad for you, children...

there must be something in the air...I've had it on reserve at the library for several weeks now.
I've never actually seen it. Into the Netflix queue it goes...
Sleep now. ;)
Dark City - There's a movie I haven't seen in a *lot of years, and have absolutely no urge to see again any time soon. My dvd of it is well buried in the back of a cupboard under about 50% of my movie collection.

Might dig out Howard the Duck again for a laugh or 2 though... =eg=
That movie! I watched it and loved it back before I had developed a good 2/3rds of my ability to appreciate it. Must go back and watch again, this time the director's cut!

Really Weird Fact: I have never had the opportunity to sit down and watch Dark City in its entirety, despite being well aware that the movie was practically created for me and me alone. I actually don't appreciate the irony one bit. Especially now that I am married to someone who would probably hate it, which would doubtless ruin my enjoyment. *sigh*
That is a movie I haven't seen in too many years. I've only seen it a couple of times, but it had a profound effect on my inner worlds. I need to find a copy...
Well, I guess I know what I'm doing tonight.
Yes, director's cut! One of my favorite movies.
My wife and I saw it on our first date, March 13, 1998.
If I remember correctly, Dark City was one of the first movies we picked up on DVD.

isn't that weird?

One of the episodes of Farscape I watched last night had Bruce Spence in it. Thinking he was a character on Buffy, I looked him up on IMDB and found that no, not Buffy... but he had been a character in Dark City. Which I've never watched.

And here you are touting its cinematic virtues.

Poor, poor Mister Quick.

...Or as I've sometimes said, "I liked The Matrix when it was released a year earlier, wasn't about machines taking over, and had Riff Raff as its Agent Smith."

Re: Poor, poor Mister Quick.

hahahahahahah win
My epic love for the director's cut knows no bounds. I haven't rewatched it recently, but I've been on a classic noir kick for several days, so I was thinking about using it to fill in the gaps when I have to wait for a Netflix delivery...
Well, now that you mention it...
I am not entirely sure I could watch it again, given that the size-changing buildings & Richard O'Brien in Edward Gorey makeup appear to have been taken directly from my more frightening dreams. Freaked me right out, it did.