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bear by san

December 2021



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make a new plan, stan.

I have a quandary. I have reached Minas Tirith with my almost-namesake Pippin. Do I turn around and go home, or follow Aragorn to the Morannon?

I guess I'd better go to Mordor. For one thing, if I don't, my tag is a lie. And anyway, I overshot by two miles. (Probably more, but I am giving myself two miles for yesterday's skiing.

For another, according to the Eowyn Challenge webpage, the Host set out from the Gates of Minas Tirith on March 18.

So. Here we go:

136 Miles to Mordor. We must be nuts.


Almost-namesake? I know of at least five names of yours (the two you write under, the two you record under :-) (I noticed yesterday's download had your "real" names attached), and the one on this journal. But how do you get from any of those to Pippin?
I only have one name. Sarah Bear Elizabeth Wishnevsky. I dunno where you're getting the other four.

"matociquala" is my online handle, and has been since I was on delphi--but I wouldn't call it a name.

But I came very close to being named Peregrine. After a certain fool of a Took.
I was wondering that, too. How Pippin was an almost-namesake, that is. Peregrine is a cool name, but I can't imagine going through public school with it!
Same thing, different way of counting - 1. Sarah 2. Bear 3. Elizabeth 4. Wishnevsky.
Ahhh. Got it. *g*
I'm feeling terribly guilty now since my own trip to Rivendell is er, somewhat stalled. 45 days since my last update?! I shall start walking again tomorrow!

(I set up a separate blog for it at http://arda.blog.me.uk/ because you can never have too many blogs, right? Also, finding fun Tolkien imagery makes for a nice reward for having done the mileage. Maybe I'll run into you on the way back from Mordor?)
I'll keep an eye peeled!