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bear by san

March 2017



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all my failings exposed.

I have 48 unscheduled hours. This draft dies now.

That means it's time for...


ad eternum

Hours since draft-kill commencement: 7.5
Microsoft words/Pages total: 12,441/68
Manuscript words total: 17,000
Microsoft words since draft-kill commencement: 1,141
Sustenance: Macaroni and cheese, liverwurst and ham sandwich, olive salad, radishes, pita chips
Caffeine and caffeine substitute: Upton Darjeeling, Stash White Christmas
Alcohol: Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre
Dancing: --
Sleep: --
Exercise: Did a little yoga
Mean things: Newspaper articles about one's self. Creepy stalkers. Immortality.
Darling: "Anyone you shock in the Hotel Aphatos came here to be shocked." 
words Word don't know: steepled, aeroplanes, unaltering, Savile, Manhattanite, calligraphed, fumblings, fortyish, roundish, unintroduced, untasted, untacked, Reconquista, ow, stoppered, wampyrs, Kashrut, magics, unputrefying,

12441 / 20000 words. 62% done!


That's a lovely darling.
I love your progress meter. It's so adorable when you go into "let's kill this thing" mode.
Rawr. ;-)
I'm surprised Word doesn't know Kashrut, although I suppose I shouldn't be.

I'm still shocked that it knew "skald."
I confess, my mind jumped straight to "Immortal stalkers who write newspaper articles about you."

If you get a chance after the deathmarch, can you explain to me the Microsft words vs Manuscript Words total vs 20,000 words complete?

My guess: you have 12,441 (complete I guess) out of 17,000 (drafted) with a goal of 20,000 (total words you'd like at the end)?

Am I close?
Nope. *g*

"manuscript words " are a compositor's fiction. They consist of six characters and a space, more or less, and what they really are is a measure of column inches. If you set your manuscript with a fixed-width font, such as courier, to 50 characters a line and 25 lines a page (or 60 characters a line and 24 lines a page, more or less) each manuscript page your write will equal 250 "words."

This convention exists because
type set like
this (say, dialogue?)uses
as much column length
as the block of text

And what matters in hardcopy is how much vertical space (ie, how many pages/column inches) the type takes up.

Microsoft words are exactly that: the actual number of words on the page.
Oh, I see! The page count should have tipped me off really. It makes sense now.