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help save fu manchu, moriarty, and dracula

ad eternum

Hours since draft-kill commencement: 14.5
Microsoft words/Pages total: 15,500/82
Manuscript words total: 19,500
Microsoft words since draft-kill commencement: 4,200
Sustenance: Macaroni and cheese, liverwurst and ham sandwich, olive salad, radishes, pita chips, chocolate cupcake filled with goat cheese, carrots, more mac and cheese, risotto (it has veggies!),
Caffeine and caffeine substitute: Upton Darjeeling, Stash White Christmas, Stash pomegranate rooibos, hot chocolate
Alcohol: Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre, Rumpelmintz
Dancing: in the sheets
Exercise: Did a little yoga, and a little more.
Mean things: existential angst, explosions
Darling: "You have," he said, "as yet no frame of reference for how tired it is possible to become." Also, "Sturmwolfstaffel Hauptsturmführerin" is the funnest thing ever to say.
words Word don't know: steepled, aeroplanes, unaltering, Savile, Manhattanite, calligraphed, fumblings, fortyish, roundish, unintroduced, untasted, untacked, Reconquista, ow, stoppered, wampyrs, Kashrut, magics, unputrefying,

15500 / 20000 words. 78% done!
Tags: new amsterdam, progress notes, with your draft or on it

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