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bear by san

March 2017



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writing plot octopus

help save fu manchu, moriarty, and dracula

ad eternum

Hours since draft-kill commencement: 14.5
Microsoft words/Pages total: 15,500/82
Manuscript words total: 19,500
Microsoft words since draft-kill commencement: 4,200
Sustenance: Macaroni and cheese, liverwurst and ham sandwich, olive salad, radishes, pita chips, chocolate cupcake filled with goat cheese, carrots, more mac and cheese, risotto (it has veggies!),
Caffeine and caffeine substitute: Upton Darjeeling, Stash White Christmas, Stash pomegranate rooibos, hot chocolate
Alcohol: Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre, Rumpelmintz
Dancing: in the sheets
Sleep: ...now
Exercise: Did a little yoga, and a little more.
Mean things: existential angst, explosions
Darling: "You have," he said, "as yet no frame of reference for how tired it is possible to become." Also, "Sturmwolfstaffel Hauptsturmführerin" is the funnest thing ever to say.
words Word don't know: steepled, aeroplanes, unaltering, Savile, Manhattanite, calligraphed, fumblings, fortyish, roundish, unintroduced, untasted, untacked, Reconquista, ow, stoppered, wampyrs, Kashrut, magics, unputrefying,

15500 / 20000 words. 78% done!


"You have," he said, "as yet no frame of reference for how tired it is possible to become."

Love love love love love *claps*

Sturmwolfstaffel Hauptsturmführerin

My german is rusty, but that doesn't seem to parse right. Hauptsturmführer is good, but Staffel is usually at the front, not the end (staffelführer)? *scratches head* I dunno.

*edit* Ah, it's because I'm used to seeing it as a numbered squadron. Staffel fünf or something along those lines, with the Groups being named. Hmmm, Sturmwolfgeschwader. . . .

righto, disregard last and carry on then.
I checked it with my German Pedant, via his wife.*g* If he's wrong, I'm really sunk...

uuuh, more wampyr stories. I've just finished reading The White City and I loved it.
And with German bits in it again. I hope I'm not presumptuous when I suggest another translation for 'manners, decorum' should you use those words again.
'Sitte, Anstand' would do the job. Creepy words, those.
Thank you.
lol I still laugh when I get bonked by my spellcheck for "vampire". Seriously?? You know "elf" but not that one?

Every time.

Oh, spellchecker.

Didn't you know all you need to self-publish (elf-publish?) is a modern spillchucker?

(I love that spellcheckers mostly don't know "spellchecker."

Oh man, now I need to write a short, scathing story about automating magic users...)
You are mighty.
See icon. *pantpantpant*
Much love for German (no other language I know like it for compound-wording)!

Also, very excited to see female SS captain character.
Technically speaking the SS was the Schutzstaffel. But close-ish. *g*
So instead of being part of the Waffen-SS, she's part of the Wolfen-SS. Clever, Bear.
Also, "Sturmwolfstaffel Hauptsturmführerin" is the funnest thing ever to say.

That's good. But I think "Sturmschnabeltierstaffel" is even funner. Or perhaps "Totenschnabeltiergeschwader".