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i've fallen in love with your creature's soul

2011 03 22 Daily Commute Nightshift

This day's work deserves a second teacup shot, since I decided that having reached the last scene and a half, I was breaking out the good china.

Also, there was a break today to do a few auto repairs. J.B. Weld was involved. And a dremel tool.

2011 03 22 Bondo and Discipline 013

(That's thecoughlin being butch, not me.) But hey, sparks!

ad eternum

Hours since draft-kill commencement: 32.75
Microsoft words/Pages total: 17,600/93
Manuscript words total: 23,250
Microsoft words since draft-kill commencement: 6,300
Sustenance: Macaroni and cheese, liverwurst and ham sandwich, olive salad, radishes, pita chips, chocolate cupcake filled with goat cheese, carrots, more mac and cheese, risotto (it has veggies!), Kashi crunch and almond milk, toasted anadama bread (there was still another loaf in the freezer!) with butter, more liverwurst with harissa, more olive salad, more mac and cheese, a steamed black sesame bun, more carrots, halvah, beans and rice (Yellow Indian Woman Beans! Actually pretty good.)
Caffeine and caffeine substitute: Upton Darjeeling, Stash White Christmas, Stash pomegranate rooibos, hot chocolate. Stash mangosteen green, V8, galangal-ale, assam tea,
Alcohol: Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre, Rumpelmintz, half a winter lager
Dancing: with the dog
Sleep: 5.5 hours
Exercise: Did a little yoga, and a little more. And a whole half-hour this morning.
Mean things: getting what you want
Darling: She would have said his name in protest, but she didn't know what name to say.
words Word don't know: steepled, aeroplanes, unaltering, Savile, Manhattanite, calligraphed, fumblings, fortyish, roundish, unintroduced, untasted, untacked, Reconquista, ow, stoppered, wampyrs, Kashrut, magics, unputrefying, spellcasting, bentside,
Tyop: -- 

17600 / 20000 words. 88% done!
Tags: new amsterdam, progress notes, with your draft or on it

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