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in the laboratory of the utility muffin research company

A sourdough oatmeal English muffin recipe:

Feed your starter. Let it sit overnight, if possible, to get extra bubble. If not possible, just give it an hour in a warm corner to digest.

Take 2 cups fed starter (and feed your remnant population of starter again and put it back in the fridge!). Combine with:

1 cup rolled oats (aka non-instant oatmeal, but not the steel cut kind)
1 cup scalded and cooled milk (I put about a tablespoon of rubbed sage in the milk while scalding. Yum.)
"a good knob of butter." 1-2 tablespoons, more or less.
1 tsp kosher salt
2 tsp yeast
1 tbsp vital wheat gluten
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 cups white wheat flour
1 tbsp brown sugar

knead, by hand or with a food processor or a stand mixer. It will come together in a pretty thick dough--if you want to use muffin rings, you can thin it out to something more battery. If you're going to roll and cut it, don't worry about it.

Either way, set it aside to rise someplace warm.

You have two sets of interchangeable options at this point, once it's risen. Either you made it a (very thick, more slumpy than runny) batter, in which case get your muffin rings (or empty tuna cans with both ends cut off) and grease them. Or you made it thick, in which case roll and stretch it out about a half inch thick and cut it into squares or punch it out in circles. (squares are less fuss, and get good expressions.)

Then you can either bake the muffins on a pizza stone (inside the rings if they are the runny kind) at around 400 degrees, turning them over halfway through. Or you can fry them on a griddle (inside the rings if they are the runny kind), turning them over halfway through.

What's halfway through? Um. About ten or fifteen minutes. When they are dark golden brown on the bottom, basically.
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