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it's a great life, if you don't weaken

The editorial process

We bought a Hitler time travel story.

No, really. We bought a Hitler time travel story. There is hope for everybody.

We also just bought a story that might have the FBI at my door, and a piece of hot gay erotica, and... well, nobody will be able to say that A&A isn't eclectic. Expect to see these piece in May and July.

I picture us as the mad old aunt who lives in the attic and says surprising but elegant, brutal and true things at dinner, but it otherwise largely disregarded.

I'm reading China Mieville's The Scar, and I thought it started tensely, but not slowly, as I had been warned. I like his brittle and cold protag, her impossible situation, the daring of the narrative a lot. I was also really excited to be reading this and finding not only startling beauties, but things I would have done slightly differently... and understanding both why I would have done them differently and why China did them the way he did.

This is really neat. I think it indicates an integration of that new skill level I've been groping toward. The plateau I've been wanting, a level of unconscious competence instead of the conscious incompetence and then conscious competence. Damn, I may actually be figuring out how to do this. And it only took... 25 years.

Course, I may trip over my feet tomorrow and find a whole new level of stuff I haven't mastered. But I think I'll be happy to float for a while.


Oh, yeah, and the third draft of Bridge is done. And the ToCs for May and July's A&A. Viva productivity.

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