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December 2021



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criminal minds reid seeing things

"Sounds like a musical."

being a review (of sorts) of Criminal Minds 06x19, "With Friends Like These..." written by Janine Sherman Barrios, directed by Anna Foerster

Ah, so he's hearing voices and killing things.

"I'm not sulking. I'm surrounded by testosterone now." Oh, editorial comment.
"And Strauss thinks that adding a probationary agent is going to solve our problems. Show, you win.

I miss redheaded Garcia, but the new hair is love. She is the hotness in that dress. And Necklace. And person.

"Maybe a woman was involved?"
"Or a weak man." [look away] ...Seaver is on track to win me over, if they keep giving her the lines like that.

Bloody hands, drink.

New credits. :-( YOU BASTARDS! YOU KILLED EMILY! I am not resigned, in the immortal words of Edna St. Vincent Millay.

I like the quote.

Seaver failed her disbelieve on the ceramic cat.

COTW has great facial expressions.

Reid's purple scarf. Drink.

Hotch cracks the case! Nobody noticed that? How about fingerprint evidence?

"You think they heard something?"
"I think the person downstairs did." Morgan gets to be shoddy construction guy! Drink!

I think I used to have an apartment in that building. :-P

Well, that was a parental fail. Hotch will not be pleased. 
Morgan checks on Reid. Reid picks his nails and tries not to listen to the profile.

"You have a medical problem, not a spiritual one." I am fond of the priest.

"Rather than making crazy conjectures I think we should be trying to figure out what it is."

"Have you talked to anybody about this?"

Morgan is actually helping. I don't think we have a drinking game entry for that. I think somebody needs to fetch a bottle so we can kill it.

Oh, HIPAA ever stopped you before.

UNSUB boy is so brave.

Okay, creepy scene is creepy. So, so creepy.


"Seventy-one. Do you know how physically exhausting it would be to stab somebody seventy-one times?"
Really, Reid. You can't see her back. Don't be so sure you've got 'em all.

Reid cracks the case! Nice.

Aw, adorable hippie lesbian couple with baby carriage.

Hotch looks at Reid. Reid looks at Hotch.

Reid puts his gun away.

And Rossi and Hotch and Reid sleep on planes.

Aw, show. And you were doing so well, too.

Alas, we snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory. Well, if you don't watch anything past Morgan's closing quote, it's really a pretty good episode.

If only it had had an extra minute thirty of commercials.


Ah, yes, the A Beautiful Mind homage episode.

Hotch cracks the case! Nobody noticed that? How about fingerprint evidence?

Scene hadn't been processed yet, had it?

Morgan is actually helping. I don't think we have a drinking game entry for that.

First time for everything. Besides, he didn't get to tackle anybody this episode (although he did throw Mrs. Donnelly for a loop).

Poor Spencer. Only read five books this week.

"Seventy-one. Do you know how physically exhausting it would be to stab somebody seventy-one times?"

Neat bit of business there: Morgan says "gotta be at least fifty stab wounds", Reid replies "Seventy-one", and both Morgan and the CotW turn to Reid with identical "whaa?" expressions.
Hee. And they could have fixed that line (and made it even more awesome) if it were "Seventy-one. On the front. Do you know..."
Honestly, I was cringing half the episode because Crazy!Christians are a bit of a sore spot with me and the other half I was shrieking, "Chad Lindberg! It's Chad Lindberg! He has a lighter! Chad Lindberg!"
And then the priest was all serious and sympathetic toward the unsub and I was like, "Nvm show I love you."
I dunno, but it was pointless and manipulative. And really irritating.

Reid and Morgan were gorgeous, though.
Did I mention I had this Napoleon, Illya moment when Reid expected Hotch to save him from the unsub. Someone needs to take Hotch's gun away.
It seemed a bit too much like an episode of Supernatural for my tastes. :/

Also, I am bugged by Reid knowing that the hallucinations were vivid and not fragmented. I mean, the viewer knows that, but then again, the viewer does tend to know things that our stalwart heroes don't.

(I am also a little irritated by the Crazy Christian stuff -- yes I know that sort of thing happens but media portrayals thereof get on my nerves -- and the Violent Schizophrenic stuff -- despite Reid explanating about how not all schizophrenics are violent. ...and also, now that I think about it, Seaver's whole "dude I thought serial killers were MONSTERS but his remorse was genuine" at the end; didn't she learn anything at bau school?)

The Violent Schizophrenic stuff really, really bugs me, especially since I myself am so divided on it -- I know the statistics about more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator, I have known a few people affected who were OBVIOUSLY most dangerous only to themselves, but... I was living in Middletown when a resident of CT Valley Hospital got off the grounds and stabbed a nine-year-old girl at a street fair, so I know the violence DOES happen.

The media portrayals make it seem like it's a lot more common and inevitable than it is, though.
The scene with Seaver at the end reminded me of the conversation Emily and I think Rossi had at the end of "True Night" - it was the first time that a Good Guy had been an unsub. And with Seaver's history, I can see why she would see serial killers as monsters. That really seems like something that you can't learn from a book - you have to experience it and see it for yourself.
There was a nice dig in there about him having to steal to pay for his meds, how very timely.

What particularly bugged me is that ambien (and its relatives) cause hallucinations, if you don't go to sleep right away. And can cause amnesia. The idea of a doctor prescribing them to a schizophrenic is just scary. But not all that surprising because it was out six or seven years before those side effects showed up on labels.

Since they cause amnesia if you take a second because you can't sleep, you can forget you took the second, or even the first, and take another. And more.
I solved it.

At first I thought Reid wasn't sleeping, just pretending=trying to.

But then we see all the stereotype horrors of mental illness: institutionalisation, electroshock therapy, no possibility of cure or treatment and it becomes clear: Reid's dreaming. <nods firmly>
That makes perfect sense and I AM GOING WITH THAT. Thank you.
How is it that Reid always gets attached to the ones that go away? He was talking to Elle, and Gideon and now Emily. No more wonder twins. :(

But at least he's admitting he's actually talking to people. This was a solid episode, but somehow it didn't feel like my show.

It felt like My Show. Just not that last two minutes and a half.

Reid gets attached to the ones who go away because he has abandonment issues. Like Morgan has trust issues.

COTW - good to see the old "Due South" folks again