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"Sounds like a musical."

being a review (of sorts) of Criminal Minds 06x19, "With Friends Like These..." written by Janine Sherman Barrios, directed by Anna Foerster

Ah, so he's hearing voices and killing things.

"I'm not sulking. I'm surrounded by testosterone now." Oh, editorial comment.
"And Strauss thinks that adding a probationary agent is going to solve our problems. Show, you win.

I miss redheaded Garcia, but the new hair is love. She is the hotness in that dress. And Necklace. And person.

"Maybe a woman was involved?"
"Or a weak man." [look away] ...Seaver is on track to win me over, if they keep giving her the lines like that.

Bloody hands, drink.

New credits. :-( YOU BASTARDS! YOU KILLED EMILY! I am not resigned, in the immortal words of Edna St. Vincent Millay.

I like the quote.

Seaver failed her disbelieve on the ceramic cat.

COTW has great facial expressions.

Reid's purple scarf. Drink.

Hotch cracks the case! Nobody noticed that? How about fingerprint evidence?

"You think they heard something?"
"I think the person downstairs did." Morgan gets to be shoddy construction guy! Drink!

I think I used to have an apartment in that building. :-P

Well, that was a parental fail. Hotch will not be pleased. 
Morgan checks on Reid. Reid picks his nails and tries not to listen to the profile.

"You have a medical problem, not a spiritual one." I am fond of the priest.

"Rather than making crazy conjectures I think we should be trying to figure out what it is."

"Have you talked to anybody about this?"

Morgan is actually helping. I don't think we have a drinking game entry for that. I think somebody needs to fetch a bottle so we can kill it.

Oh, HIPAA ever stopped you before.

UNSUB boy is so brave.

Okay, creepy scene is creepy. So, so creepy.


"Seventy-one. Do you know how physically exhausting it would be to stab somebody seventy-one times?"
Really, Reid. You can't see her back. Don't be so sure you've got 'em all.

Reid cracks the case! Nice.

Aw, adorable hippie lesbian couple with baby carriage.

Hotch looks at Reid. Reid looks at Hotch.

Reid puts his gun away.

And Rossi and Hotch and Reid sleep on planes.

Aw, show. And you were doing so well, too.

Alas, we snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory. Well, if you don't watch anything past Morgan's closing quote, it's really a pretty good episode.

If only it had had an extra minute thirty of commercials.
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