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i'm only happy when it's complicated

All right, boys and girls and everybody else.

It's been a long, hard winter full of heating bills, doctor visits, delayed publications, un-picked-up option novels, Zombie Apocalypse of the Publishing Industry, and various other financial stressors leading to an uncomfortable amount of debt here at Chez Bear.

And the dog and cat need their checkups and chots.

Annnnd hey, it's tax time! Look, another giant bill! And one I, frankly, just don't have the money to pay right now, or in the immediate forseeable future.

Which means, well, it's time to get creative about funding. Since I am a writer, this means I have something to sell: the writing.

So. A few things.

  • In the next 72 hours, look for the latest iteration of the Semi-Annual Roving Book Sale. It's a little sooner after the last iteration than I usually like to run these things, but needs must when the devil drives. Also, in honor of my current straitened circumstances and in defiance of my usual custom, I will be offering books published this year.


  • I am offering critique/editorial services. At first, I was thinking that I would offer slightly easier terms that malkingrey is, in deference to her greater experience. And then I realized that that was tantamount to undercutting her, and that's not what friends do. So. The price is $1,000.00 for a book-length manuscript (by which I mean 80,000-100,000 words--that'd be closer to 80,000 word the way Microsoft counts them, and closer to 100,000 words the way page compositors count them: if you don't know the difference, check out the SFWA article on same.), payable in advance (check or paypal), pro-rated for longer or shorter works. 

For that price, I will do a line and structural edit of the manuscript in question, and provide it to you, the author, (along with an opinion on whether the manuscript is publishable or can be made publishable). This is critique only, not book doctoring, and I do not guarantee publication even if I think the book could sell.

I do fantasy and science fiction, pretty much all types.

email me at to enquire before sending any money, please.

  • I am selling postcards. But not just ANY postcard. For $50.00, I will send you a hand-made postcard. It will contain an original, otherwise-unpublished, and of necessity very short story. Handwritten. Just for you. Each one different and awesome! (I reserve the copyright to the stories, and the right someday to publish a collection of them and the images of the cards.) But you get the actual card with the original story. If I get really ambitious, all the cards may go together into a longer meta-story, and if that happens, I will also send along a copy of the complete story cycle.

To subscribe, you may comment here or at my facebook fan page After commenting (and sending money), email me at (you guessed it) with your mailing address, name, and so on.

  • E-story subscription! For a mere $12.00 for a year's subscription, you can have access to a closed group that I am starting. Twelve times a year (possibly even monthly) I will post to this group an unpublished or obscurely published short story, vignette, cut scene, poem, or random piece of pornography. That's a dollar a story. Pretty good going rate, all things considered. You also get a mailing list/message board on which to discuss those stories and anything else that takes your fancy.

To subscribe, you may comment here or at my facebook fan page ( After commenting (and sending money), email me at (you guessed it) with your email address, name, and so on. This will probably be a Google group, for convenience's sake.

And that's all I got. If that doesn't pay the bills, come visit me in jail, okay?

Tags: the glamour!, this one's for the tax man, unburdening my shelf

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