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threw stones at the stars but the whole sky fell.

Grr. Argh.

The dog and I are doing our taxes.

Teacup today: My worn old UConn mug, with the old logo. For reasons that will be obvious to anyone who follows college basketball. (I'd have been happier if the girls went all the way, of course. But they always have next year.)

Tea today: Queen Mary's strawberry peppercorn, which I love with an unholy passion. Although I did just have to send them an email asking why they only sent me half as much as I paid for. I believe this to be an honest mistake, and I'm sure they'll send the other half of the order post-haste.

2011 04 05 Daily Commute

And now I must stop being avoidant and go find last year's tax return, so I can go pick up this year's paper when the library opens.

To do today:

book sale stuff

To do Thursday:

Fall the hell over.

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