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i'm dreaming of her still

2011 04 06 Daily Commute 002

Ten hours sleep last night and I could still barely drag myself out of bed this morning. Yeah, today is a Rest Day. In the non-ironic sense. Lots of bad TV and couch time with the dog, and I will finish reading this book. Tomorrow, I start stillsostrange's manuscript--and then I have a couple of books to read for blurb. That should be Friday.

Tea today: Queen Mary's mango passionfruit
Teacup today: speckled green stoneware from Earthbound Arts

Reminder: still selling hand-made postcards, short story subscriptions, and critiques over here. And books over here.

Also, in case you missed it over the weekend, major plot developments are afoot in Shadow Unit land.
Tags: tea, the daily commute, today is a rest day

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