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bear by san

March 2017



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leighton pavonia

i'm dreaming of her still

2011 04 06 Daily Commute 002

Ten hours sleep last night and I could still barely drag myself out of bed this morning. Yeah, today is a Rest Day. In the non-ironic sense. Lots of bad TV and couch time with the dog, and I will finish reading this book. Tomorrow, I start stillsostrange's manuscript--and then I have a couple of books to read for blurb. That should be Friday.

Tea today: Queen Mary's mango passionfruit
Teacup today: speckled green stoneware from Earthbound Arts

Reminder: still selling hand-made postcards, short story subscriptions, and critiques over here. And books over here.

Also, in case you missed it over the weekend, major plot developments are afoot in Shadow Unit land.


They have achieved... detente. Or something.
And what does she brew in that still?

Now you've got me trying to remember which musician it was who started a song in a faux-Russian accent with a verse that had the line "I'm dreaming of her yet," then stopped and said, "I'm not sure what part of the body the 'yet' is," and went on.

Oh, that triggered it. It was Vera Johnson, "The Minx from Pinsk."
Moonshine, of course.

(And now I'm into "God's Own Drunk.")
Beautiful cup.
I see your bad tv and raise you three games of zuma and far too much time spent staring out the window and saying 'Oooh, pretty.'
ooo, pretty.

Actually, right now I'm doing paperwork. But it doesn't require thought, so that's okay.
Nice still-life! Was the triangle, and the careful placement of different sizes so they balanced deliberate? Also the echoing triangles in the CDs?
Not consciously. *g* I just kind of framed it until it looked okay...
Oh, and thank you!
Queen Mary's mango passionfruit

I just picked up some of that last week, I am a sucker for anything Passionfruit. Havent tried it yet, but plan on it soonest.
It's good. Although their strawberry peppercorn is my fave.
So...when's the next SU full episode? I was walking around my house sunday night grumping at whoever would listen that alternate-first-sundays are supposed to be shadow unit day. (If it's this sunday, I will be reading it on my tiny phone internets while driving back from LA, because the alternative is waiting til monday and that's just a silly idea.)

Of course, given the *title* of the next one and your teasing about getting Hafs back...maybe I can wait. ;)
Ahhh, if you read the message boards you would know the answer. *g*

("Wireless Girl" postponed two weeks due to unavoidable issues network interference.