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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds morgan hotch government

I can't blame anybody? This is the will of God? No.

Being a review (of sorts) of Criminal Minds 06x20, "Hanley Waters," written by Randy Huggins and Alicia Kirk, directed by Jesse Warn

"So where does that leave me?"
This is one of best scenes between Hotch and Morgan ever.

Why does nobody in TVLand own a gun safe? Cardboard boxes in closets are just not secure, people.
I totally do not buy an inexperienced shooter instantly killing four people with four shots with a handgun.

"Can I talk about how she made me smile?" OMG, that totally got me. Wah.

"Hell of a way to... start the day." Rossi <3

"They were in the way." I love the pitch-perfect delivery on that line. It's so evident to Hotch.

Based on victimology... or the calibre of the bullets?

"Pun... intended."

Man, it has to be brutal for Hotch to listen to all this grief and know the truth.
Reid's self-analysis is kind of brilliant.
Gideon mention. Drink.

Dear cop, that's why you wear your vest.

Morgan cracks the case.
I'm not sure where Hotch is getting the child from, though. That seems like a pretty big cognitive leap: there are a lot of other kinds of personal losses. Although they're kicking leaves over it pretty well.

"That is not a typical Wednesday."

I love how they can make us miss JJ without ever saying her name.

Rossi turns his session with Hotch into a chance to check up on Hotch.
And Hotch lets him get away with it. For a while.

"We'll get through it."
"Yeah, we will."
They're doing a nice job of parading the ghosts through the room, in a kind of echo of what the UNSUB is going through.

"They don't remember. No one remembers."

Yay! Garcia drinks proper tea.

Reid's in the field. Drink.

Cutest stuffed Komondor ever.

"It's only been a year. What are the chances he's done grieving?"

"Keep my mike open."

Ooo, Hotch gets to be the "Hold my gun and watch this" guy.
They're doing a beautiful job with the parallels between Damian and Emily, and their families' reaction to their loss. Not to mention Hotch and Haley.

"I did everything I could. We all did. Is that supposed to make me feel better?"
Yeah, this is a fabulous scene.
I guess Morgan's conflict over religion has not resolved itself. (Yay for character continuity.)

I love these characters. And that was totally My Show. They appear to be on a roll.


And apparently I was slow tonight, because it wasn't until the post-title quote that I *got* why the ep's name was "Hanley Waters". Oh show.

In the same way, I wondered when the framing scenes were in relation to the case, and then decided it might not really matter.

"Doesn't Strauss usually do these?"
"*That* wasn't going to happen."
Hotch's mom-ing, it is very territorial, for better or worse.

I'm assuming the Rossi and whiskey call back to the end of "Hopeless" was intentional (plus the empty space). Yet again- oh show. Keep it up.
Yeah. The title thing was freaking brutal.

And Hotch is fabulous. And... it was My Show, by god. Pow, right in the git.
The title thing was freaking brutal.

Er... dense here. 'splain please? (I know it was the name of the guy who cause the wreck the unsub was in, but other than that...)
Nobody remembers the victim. Just the bad guy.

Of course. That's perfect for this ep.
That Rossi/Hotch scene had me going, the whole time, "I guess he's definitely gone from being Uncle Dave to being Dad by now, hasn't he." Because Dad takes care of Mom when Mom's frazzled out from being there for the kids. Dad's got Mom's back. And versey-vicey, of course, but still. He's definitely more than just Uncle Dave, anymore.

If the last ep was "Hey, look, it's how Reid might flip out and kill people!" this one is definitely Hotch's mirror-universe. While also paralleling Damien to Emily, etc etc. YAY OUR ZHOW, ZHE IZ BAKK!

I was kind of distracted through the whole open trying to figure out if that was really Erin Grey (as it is), because I've been mainlining seasons of Lie to Me, so she's front and center in my celebrity-recognition focus, at the moment. She's awesome.
I catch myself, occasionally, thinking of Gideon as the bio-dad who skipped out early on, while Rossi is the stepfather who had a rough time early on who earned his permanent place. (And the "married to this team" doesn't do anything to unseat this.)

Yes, interesting paralell to last week. Of course, the difference being that unlike Shelly or Morgan/the team, Hotch got to immediately face the person directly responsible. No transference necessary. O_O
That's basically what I meant, with the added fillip (as the child of a single mom who had a succession of boyfriends through my childhood) that he came in as basically "Mom's old boyfriend from Before who's here to help her out, but we're only going to call him Uncle Dave", but somewhere in the last several/many eps, he definitely turned into new!Dad, and the writers really made it explicit in this ep.

I think when I started realizing it was when he talked down Seaver and got her to give him the part of Doyle's profile they were all missing.
Man, it has to be brutal for Hotch to listen to all this grief and know the truth.

I noticed how oh so carefully he worded his responses. But oh, where does he go after they all talk to him, indeed. (my guess, home to hug Jack very tightly.)

I could almost hug my TV.
Hotch! Morgan! Awesome!
But oh, where does he go after they all talk to him, indeed.

Talk to JJ? She's the only one else who (that we know) knows.

That's how busy it's been-

This week's CM is still waiting in the TiVo! I had to scroll past your post; I'll enjoy both After The Test. Which is becoming a growing list.. Anyway, I get this furshlugginer lab job, I'm in for a postcard. At least.
I'll be pulling in some filthy lucre for a change. So to speak; wastewater humor... :)

Re: That's how busy it's been-

My appendages are crossed for you!
I think we have new writer, but these writers are actually good. Keep them, CBS, k?

Cause that was a FANTASTIC episode. This is the Criminal Minds I fell in love with all the way back in season 2. Besides the whole "she must have lost a child" thing which came out of nowhere, this episode comes close to damn perfect.

I love how Hotch decided to bear the whole burden of his team's grief. But Strauss may have hurt more than actually helped. He probably thinks it's his fault they're going trough this. The team scenes were perfect.

Seaver still seems to either stick out like a sore thumb (in the profile scene) or fade into oblivion. I hope they give us something to make us care before the end of the season.
I think they probably deduced the child angle after seeing the interaction at the mall, and interviewing the kid's mom.
I, too, thought this episode was on a par with the best of Criminal Minds from seasons past. With the added plus of emotionally involving team angst. But I thought I read somewhere that the co-writers of this episode were leaving the show at the end of the season. I hope I am wrong.