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I can't blame anybody? This is the will of God? No.

Being a review (of sorts) of Criminal Minds 06x20, "Hanley Waters," written by Randy Huggins and Alicia Kirk, directed by Jesse Warn

"So where does that leave me?"
This is one of best scenes between Hotch and Morgan ever.

Why does nobody in TVLand own a gun safe? Cardboard boxes in closets are just not secure, people.
I totally do not buy an inexperienced shooter instantly killing four people with four shots with a handgun.

"Can I talk about how she made me smile?" OMG, that totally got me. Wah.

"Hell of a way to... start the day." Rossi <3

"They were in the way." I love the pitch-perfect delivery on that line. It's so evident to Hotch.

Based on victimology... or the calibre of the bullets?

"Pun... intended."

Man, it has to be brutal for Hotch to listen to all this grief and know the truth.
Reid's self-analysis is kind of brilliant.
Gideon mention. Drink.

Dear cop, that's why you wear your vest.

Morgan cracks the case.
I'm not sure where Hotch is getting the child from, though. That seems like a pretty big cognitive leap: there are a lot of other kinds of personal losses. Although they're kicking leaves over it pretty well.

"That is not a typical Wednesday."

I love how they can make us miss JJ without ever saying her name.

Rossi turns his session with Hotch into a chance to check up on Hotch.
And Hotch lets him get away with it. For a while.

"We'll get through it."
"Yeah, we will."
They're doing a nice job of parading the ghosts through the room, in a kind of echo of what the UNSUB is going through.

"They don't remember. No one remembers."

Yay! Garcia drinks proper tea.

Reid's in the field. Drink.

Cutest stuffed Komondor ever.

"It's only been a year. What are the chances he's done grieving?"

"Keep my mike open."

Ooo, Hotch gets to be the "Hold my gun and watch this" guy.
They're doing a beautiful job with the parallels between Damian and Emily, and their families' reaction to their loss. Not to mention Hotch and Haley.

"I did everything I could. We all did. Is that supposed to make me feel better?"
Yeah, this is a fabulous scene.
I guess Morgan's conflict over religion has not resolved itself. (Yay for character continuity.)

I love these characters. And that was totally My Show. They appear to be on a roll.
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