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2011 04 10 Daily Commute 
Item the first: Book sale ends Monday. If you have ordered something and not paid yet, and not contacted me about paying later, it'd be a good time to send that Paypal. 

Post cards, story subscription, critiques, etc, run through Friday.

I'm pleased to say that the tax situation is coming under control.

Tea today: Stash White Christmas
Teacup today: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

I have two books to read today. Expect not to see me much on the internets.

Had kind of a creepy experience last night that led to talking to a nice police officer this morning before I had my tea. While driving home from netcurmudgeon and ashacat's house around 11, I noticed that a light-colored sedan was following me really closely. I stopped at a traffic light, and he stopped behind me--and a few seconds later he rolled up and tapped my bumper. In a manner that seemed quite deliberate.

I looked up and caught his eye in the rear-view mirror, and reader, something in my head said You have seen this movie. Leave. Now.

So, well, I left.

Last night and this morning, katallen and TBRE talked me into reporting it, making for my third encounter with the Manchester P.D. Who were, again, awesome and professional. And the nice officer told me that self-preservation is sometimes more important than getting the insurance information.

So there you have it.
Tags: quotidiana, tea, the daily commute

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