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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey earbrass unspeakable horro

on a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

2011 04 10 Daily Commute 
Item the first: Book sale ends Monday. If you have ordered something and not paid yet, and not contacted me about paying later, it'd be a good time to send that Paypal. 

Post cards, story subscription, critiques, etc, run through Friday.

I'm pleased to say that the tax situation is coming under control.

Tea today: Stash White Christmas
Teacup today: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

I have two books to read today. Expect not to see me much on the internets.

Had kind of a creepy experience last night that led to talking to a nice police officer this morning before I had my tea. While driving home from netcurmudgeon and ashacat's house around 11, I noticed that a light-colored sedan was following me really closely. I stopped at a traffic light, and he stopped behind me--and a few seconds later he rolled up and tapped my bumper. In a manner that seemed quite deliberate.

I looked up and caught his eye in the rear-view mirror, and reader, something in my head said You have seen this movie. Leave. Now.

So, well, I left.

Last night and this morning, katallen and TBRE talked me into reporting it, making for my third encounter with the Manchester P.D. Who were, again, awesome and professional. And the nice officer told me that self-preservation is sometimes more important than getting the insurance information.

So there you have it.


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Watching Criminal Minds pays off yet again. :/ Glad you're ok!
Dear America:

Serial killers are clever.

Love, the BAU.
Wow, that's scary! :o I had something similar happen to me when I was commuting to college, about 8 years ago - an unmarked van on the side of the road pulled out in front of me and slammed on his brakes, so I fishtailed and almost went off the road. I tried to pass him but he kept zooming up, keeping speed, and forced me behind. He would randomly slow down and try to force me to hit him or pull off. I called the highway patrol (fortunately I owned a cellphone!), but we made it to civilization before highway patrol found us, and he sped off. Creepiest thing to ever happen to me! I'm so glad you followed your spidey senses. You never know what people are planning.

Also, good to hear the taxes are coming under control - if I had a bit more spare change, I'd take you up on that critique offer in a minute. :)

That's a hell of a lot scarier than a bumper tap!
God, that's sinister. Glad you are all right.
Home and dry. <3
How creepy and upsetting. Thank you for taking care of our Bear in that circumstance.
Your Bear thanks you for feeling that way. *g*
Yeah. I was already kind of jumpy from the tailgating before the weird rear-ending...
Yikes! I think I've read about that in the news from time to time, too.

Light-colored sedan, eh? *Makes mental note.*
An older one. From the boxy car era.
Yikes! I'm glad your sense of self-preservation was on duty and working hard.
I'm incredibly thankful that you are okay and responded so carefully! I understand that sort of thing is a common mugging/carjacking tactic.
So -- would it not be out of line to call 911 while it's happening? Or is there some other number to call for borderline stuff?

I'm very, very glad that you trusted your instincts and you're okay. Also glad that the police officer reinforced "don't get dead just to try to please the insurance company."
Yeah, he was a good cop.

I know bad cops exist. All the ones I have personally encountered/known/been friends with have been the other sort, Jenny Casey's law aside. I am very fortunate in that.
Totally not funny. Glad you paid attention to your gut. She knows.
What I said to heleninwales below. I don't know he was a bad guy. But I have to play the percentages that tell me he could be.
Very worrying! Definitely better to be safe than sorry.
I absolutely *hate* the fact that the actions of a small percentage of the male of the species forces me to treat them all as potential predators.

But hating it won't make me stop doing it.
What a terrible thing to happen to you! I'm so glad that you listened to yourself and left.
It's 9 times out of 10 he was just some guy who was a little tipsy and forgot to keep his foot on the brakes.

When I'm gambling against rape or abduction, 10% are not odds I will take.

what the hell is colitas anyway?

You did the right thing! Love, the BAU!

Damn, that's scary. Glad you're here to tell the tale.

Re: what the hell is colitas anyway?

<3 Me too.

And yeah.

I live a mile from the PD, and if he'd followed me further, my plan was to pull into their lot and LEAN ON THE HORN.

In the cold light of morning, I have a slightly crumpled bumper. Life is hard.
The hindbrain knows what a predator looks like. We should trust it when it spots one.
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