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bear by san

March 2017



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i lost my power in the this world because I did not use it

I just finished reading an ARC of greygirlbeast's forthcoming novel. The Drowning Girl.

Guys, go preorder this sucker now. This is a masterpiece.

And in exactly the sort of creepy coincidence that so informs the structure of this book, just as I was finishing it, a complete amzing live version of Lindsey Buckingham's "Go Insane" came on Radio Paradise. A song that could be the theme for this book.

Anyway, amazing book.

In other news, it might actually be spring.

2011 04 10 Cardinals 001

There are two cardinals in that photo. If you can't find the female, click through to the Flickr page. I "noted" her.


Cardinals! Cool!
I'm actually really quite proud of myself that I spotted the lady cardinal in under 30 seconds. Also, cardinals are awesome.
Looking forward to that book. I'm still haunted by The Red Tree.

My cardinals arrived the day before yesterday, and did not help with my attempt to get more sleep this morning. That midnight iced coffee tasted great, but will not be repeated.
Lucky you for having seen it...
Thank YOU.

Cardinals do overwinter here, and the males are gorgeous against the snow--especially in late winter, when they are in their breeding plumage as red as a queen's red blood.

But these two were flirting, and looking for a nesting site, and that is *really* spring.
Aww. Thank you.
There were lots of froggies out on the road getting smushed tonight which is also a sure sign of spring.
oh, that's cheery.
Yes. When I am god-emperor it'll be one of the first things I fix.
I think I subscribe to your god-emperorhood.
Happy for you, I am - here it's snow-slushing. BUT, the swans are back.
Signs of spring 1): needing to find the aftersun lotion to deal with my lobster-pink forehead (and scalp, grr).

In early April? Weirdness, but pleasant afternoon in the sunny pub garden with friends* weirdness.

* one just back from snowy, foggy Turku in Finland, so he went from piled snow to potential sunburn in less than 24 hours!