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the only change that came was over me

Too Many Necromancers aka The Shaded King aka This Thing Needs A Different Title

words today: 2000
words total: 5000

5000 / 25000 words. 20% done!

Reason for stopping: quota, also other stuff to do now.
Exercise: going climbing after guitar practice
Mean things: zombie camel
Things needing names: The !Tigris and the !Euphrates, unless they are the !White Nile and the !Blue Nile. Correspondences are not exact.
Things that did get named: !Prague, !England
Darling: She smiled back. Just because a man was dead was no reason to be rude.
words Scrivener don't know: millennia, ghosty, sweated, suitcoat, dishdasha, sorcerously, hewn, ghuls, myrmecoleons, mermecolions, myrmecolions [I got curious], kaftan, ragtop, saponified,  undead
words I'm surprised Scrivener does know: bijou, erg, braggadocio

Tags: eternal sky, progress notes

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