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all the world is green

2011 04 13 Daily Commute 002 2011 04 13 Daily Commute 001

Tea today: Upton berry herb
Teacup today: Quitcherbitchinandwrite

Today we continue work on Too Many Necromancers. I am not setting a word quota for the day, as I have finally figured out the plot and have to go back and work it into the 5000 words I have written to set up the other 20000 words. Also, I have a lot of other stuff going on, including a sekrit-projekt-related phone call.

Also-also, I overslept (Val McDermid's fault again) and so didn't do any writing yet this morning. (Oversleeping: 8:30. It's just that I had to start bread and do laundry and mop that floor that never got mopped and wash a sink full of dishes before I went to work. And as we all know, nobody with a clean house ever wrote a novel. But the floor was really horrible. And it's still raining, and will be all week, so soon it will be horrible again.)

Right. About time for that phone call. See you when I've made some progress here.
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