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no more empty towers of unholy babylon

Too Many Necromancers aka The Shaded King aka This Thing Needs A Different Title

words today: 2000
words total: 7000

7000 / 25000 words. 28% done!

Reason for stopping: tired and hungry
Exercise: not unless laundry counts
Mean things: evil archaelogist
Things needing names:  
Things that did get named: two wicked archaelogists. the !Tigris and the !Euphrates
Darling: Bijou imagined she could smell the diesel and wind of a small airplane—like the one the prince maintained—still caught in their clothes and hair.
words Word don't know (I had to go back, because Scriv kept crashing):  scrying, sorcerously, amphisbaenae, argan, trousered, schiller, chittered
words I'm surprised Word does know:

Tags: eternal sky, progress notes

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