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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds prentiss reid hold my gun

"In movies, UNSUBs are called villains."

being a review, after a fashion, of Criminal Minds 06x21, "The Stranger." Written by Kimberly Ann Harrison and Rick Dunkle, directed by Nelson McCormick.

Oh, we're going to have to live through everybody's misery again.

Really? That's what you guys do on a night out? Deconstruct horror movies? That's my job.

Actually, this is pretty well done.

Reid's little squeals of glee are so very disturbing. I liked Strauss better when she was a more nuance character. She's boring as a one-note bad guy.

Mmm. Didn't need the slasher bits again, personally, but I guess there's a thematic thing going on there.

"This guy could be impotent...."

"I could drive. It's just the government wouldn't issue me a license." There's a great little character bit there.

Seaver's really good with the roomie. It's nice to see her given the chance to shine.

And Garcia is gorgeous in green and lavender.

Okay, I knew the bit with the cameraphone was coming, but that worked really well on me.

"He sat here tweeting while Lori bled to death."
The tweeting meta cracks me up. That is such a fun game.

Reid and Rossi going over the scene is nicely done. I like the way the horror movie deconstruction isw coming together.

Oh, Garcia's spring wardrobe. <3

And the incredibly orderly pantry is wonderfully creepy. But man, could these victims have less agency?

Authoritarian Hotch is authoritarian.

"Hold my gun and watch this!"
It's Action!Rossi

Wow. Chad Todhunter is really goddamned good at his job. Oh! Good vs. Evil! That's where I know him from. Awesome show. Thank you, IMDB.

Go, Seaver.
Hey, Rossi got to shoot somebody!

"Sometimes we do everything right and we still lose."


Okay, the Strauss at the end of the episode is the character I like. Nice pull out, and a pretty good ep.

Ed, we're gonna miss you, man. Minor complaints aside, this too was My Show.

This is an OSHA-Approved Cop Show. We have gone nine (9) episodes without a main-cast involved shooting....

Derek Morgan tied for first place in the roll of the damned at 5.5. (Charm & Harm (split with Elle), Lessons Learned, Open Season (split with Prentiss), Legacy (split with Hotch, Prentiss, and the CotW), and Minimal Loss (three in the center of mass). Also, "Outfoxed," more or less in extremis. A full audience participation suicide by cop in "Our Longest Night".  And partial creit for "The Thirteenth Step.")

Aaron Hotchner, maintaining the tie with 5.5 (The Tribe, A Real Rain, Legacy (split with Morgan, Prentiss, and the CotW), and Catching Out--and then he beat George Foyet to death with his bare hands in 100. And now the knife-wielding UNSUB in "What Happens at Home..." in like the single most blase shooting in the history of Criminal Minds. And also partial credit for "The Thirteenth Step.").

Emily Prentiss, third place with either 4 or 3.5, depending on whether one of those offscreen gunshots in Open Season was actually hers, or if all three were Morgan's. I award her the kill because of her reaction on the plane afterward. The .25 is the other quarter of Charles Holcomb in Legacy, who went down like Frankie. The first 1 is the suicide-by-cop in "Lo-Fi." The second 1 is Dale Schrader in "Retaliation." Which could have been Morgan's kill, but I'm giving it to Emily because the hostage seems madder at her later. Death-by-pissed-off-girlnerd of James Thomas in "Compromising Positions." And now, the hail of gunfire in "The Thirteenth Step.")

Future vigilante killer Elle Greenaway: holding on to fourth with 2.5 (Extreme Aggressor, Charm & Harm (split with Morgan), Aftermath)

Rossi: climbs to 5th with 2.25, in his very first episode (About Face). Having established that he is a badass, did not then badass until "The Thirteenth Step." That's over three seasons. ("Welcome to the Enterprise. Would you like to beat up my Klingon?") Then takes out the bad guy with surgical precision in "The STranger." Hotch should probably get partial credit for risking his neck playing distraction.

The mild-mannered but deadly Dr. Spencer Reid, falling to 6th place at 2 kills (LDSK; Revelations)

JJ: 1, in Penelope. And RIGHT THROUGH THE FBI SEAL. Hello Symbolism Much? Also, three dogs and my eternal respect. She is 1:1 bullets:kills.

Seaver: No bodies yet

Garcia still doesn't kill people.

Gideon has never discharged his weapon. However, he has beaten somebody all to hell with a clubbed shotgun.

This is still like one season of CSI: Miami.

Maybe I should start keeping track of injuries to the team... nah, too much work.


Ed is *leaving*? (For the record, I live under a rock.)
He quit, apparently. So did Simon. Erica's going to be in charge, so there's a good thing.

And the network may be crawling back to AJ and Paget.

Good work, there, Tassler. Keep it up.
CBS is now trying to get AJ and Paget back, according to the rumor mill.

Oh, we're going to have to live through everybody's misery again.

I know they've carefully not used any footage of Prentiss speaking, but I do hope Paget's getting paid for these "Previously on Criminal Minds" appearances.

I liked Strauss better when she was a more nuance character. She's boring as a one-note bad guy.

My first reaction to that scene was "Huh. Bad!Strauss is back. What're they setting up this time?" Later, of course, we discovered The Awful Trooth. (Well, a hint thereof.)

I also found it funny that Seaver was working on her own, considering what went down when we first met her.

"Hold my gun and watch this!"

Isn't that two episodes in a row now where Hotch has gone in unarmed?

Okay, the Strauss at the end of the episode is the character I like.

I wonder what "the Director" is so worried about? Too high a Red Cell blood count, perhaps?
Ow. Or maybe a white cell count. I'm wondering if Strauss is ill.

Or if they're setting up whatever happens to bring Paget and/or AJ back, if that happens.
I'm actually a little thrown that Hotch and Rossi made the executive decision to kill the unsub right from the outset. Or perhaps it's just me.

Seaver is at that point where she's starting to grow on me through sheer habit, but the actress just cannot compare to either Paget or AJ, and all the good writing in the world can't change that.

Is Ed leaving the show to supervise the (awful) spinoff?
His new pilot got picked up. It's called Partners and it's about....two police detectives who are secretly sisters.

Which sounds interesting but leaves me with two questions:

1) secretly sisters? what the hell?

2) why does everyone keep describing the pilot as "two female police detectives who are secretly sisters?" Isn't that rather redundant? Is someone afraid that we will spend five whole words thinking it's about men? And then be disappointed to hear otherwise?
injuries on the team? Dude two lists--one for physical harm and one for Mental harm and/or permanent damage! I don't think I could make that list without crying for my dear dear Hotchner......*hugs him* ;_;
also one for the "hold my gun and watch this"-scenario, that ones getting some mileage.
I skim past the spoilers to say, Dammit, now I'm three weeks behind. (But all those Bogart movies at the library!...) Is this the end of the season, or will I be four weeks behind before I get a chance to catch up?
I believe, actually, they're doing 24 eps again this season.... 0.0
I am so far behind and I'm just afraid to miss Prentiss TOO MUCH. So I keep almost starting the TIVO eps and then watching something brainless and pretty instead.

I would be soooooooo happy if they were successful in trying to get Prentiss and JJ back. I would be soooooo happy. But I won't get my hopes up.
Heh. Well, you know, you gotta live in your own head...

Hotch should probably get partial credit for risking his neck playing distraction.

I thought he was just getting out of Rossi's line of fire!

Seaver is definitely growing on me, too. She took her brief from Hotch, executed the plan perfectly and gave a no-nonsense explanation to the woman.
Seaver kind of rocked that, yeah. I was impressed. (And it was a nice way to differentiate her from Em and JJ. Because either of them could have done that, but it would have read very differently.)

I kind of thought Hotch moved to get the UNSUB to track him--and give Rossi a line of fire without the hostage in it.
I realize that I should have something of substance to say here, but all I've got is that the shots of Garcia's screen, while she's searching for the unsub, imply that she has a preprogrammed search routine that looks for people who have exhibited signs of the homicidal triad.

Which, duh. But also, cool. *g*
You do it twenty times a week, you write a script. *g*
I liked Strauss better when she was a more nuance character. She's boring as a one-note bad guy.

I dunno, certainly the characters treat her as a bad guy (they're very "Strauss is in the room: she must have a nefarious plot") but all she actually did was chase up some paperwork and ask for Hotch to get himself assessed (and when Hotch points out this isn't a good time she says "Okay, later" which I rather suspect is what she meant anyway before he got defensive), both of which seem pretty reasonable things for a manager to do.

It's a pretty common workplace dynamic - workers mistrust manager who's actually doing the best possible to be on their side given organisational constraints. I've had both managers who were less competent at being on our side and managers who had less intention to be, and it's only the latter I consider as being any kind of bad guy.